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How I Plan To Look and Feel Youthful

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 Good morning darling people. I know as women, we talk a lot about outer beauty. In the aspect of which color lipstick fits our skin and what outfit to wear today. Lately, I've been thinking more about my inner beauty and how I need to take care of the spiritual me. 
Ultimately I came up with a good solution. I need to spend just as much time on my inner being as well as my outer beauty. After looking at myself in the mirror, I realized it's not that hard. So, I made a few notes of the things that need to take center place, and it's far beyond make-up and clothes. Although I will not be giving up any outfits anytime soon. A girl has to dress decent, Right?

Life is not that hard, but sometimes I can make it a stinking mess. Things I have started to add that have changed me almost immediately.
Image: Benefits Of Using Raw Honey At Home

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Taking Care Of My Skin Naturally: One of my best-kept secrets is using honey on my face. Seriously, I love over the counter products, but when my eczema acts up, I have to grab the all-natural and organic stuff. I will use greek yogurt, but my favorite is raw honey. The benefits are amazing. 

Natural Moisturizer
Keeps Skin Hydrated
Affordable To Use At Home

How I Use It:

After doing my regular skincare regimen. I will pat my face with a little water, then spread the honey all over my face and neck. Allow to sit for 20 minutes later I rinse with warm water. My skin feels super soft. If I add anything else, it would be a dollop of organic sunflower oil. My skin looks and feels incredibly soft.

Taking care of my face is an excellent way for me to stay youthful. So, going that extra mile is an essential step.

Other Ways I Plan To Stay In The Game Of Living Well.

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Burst Out In Laughter: Yes, you are reading right. I am finding something to laugh about every day. The other day I was in my room alone, and my mind drifted off into a place of sadness. In less than two seconds, I said no way. I started texting my husband some funny pics, and before I knew it, I was laughing out loud all by myself. 15 minutes later, all my girls were in my room laughing at old funnies of us. I am not a Dr., but I know from life experiences to much idle time can bring sadness. And nobody has time for that. In my free time, if I am not out and about, I will be found reading a book, my bible, or surfing for something positive to watch on TV or my computer.

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Making Time For Other Adults:

Ok, I know we all are busy, but time with someone else is crucial in my aging process. I have figured out a few things to bring me a little balance. Making time just for my husband without the kids at all. Yes, it is easy to feel guilty, but mama needs time and love also.
 So, I configure our date night in, even if its twice a month. 

Side Note: Most of the time, our little nightcaps consists of a movie at home or at the theatre. I love to make our own snacks. When it comes to friends, I have very little time left. Until now, I plan to start going on early coffee dates this summer, nothing fancy, no make-up, just go spend 20  minutes with a few of my BFF's.

Midlife Notes: How I Plan To Look and Feel Youthful

Dress Myself Pretty

I am not big on trends, but I love a cute outfit. Getting older in life doesn't mean I have to let myself go. So, going a few extra steps with putting on a little perfume and decent clothes helps me feels good inside and out. 
 Sometimes it can become so easy to let yourself go and not care about exterior looks and inside looks, But, as I age, I am learning to take better care of every inch of my mind, body, and soul. Life is short, but I want to live as long as possible. So, I have implemented my own happiness, self-care, and well being.

And that is how I plan to look and feel youthful. It is easy and straightforward. Please join in the conversation. How do you prepare to look and feel young in life?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xoxo tangie


  1. I'm glad you're finding things that best suits you, you're beautiful on the inside and out.💗


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