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How To Make A DIY Antique Inspired Necklace

Image:Sharing a tutorial in complete details how to  make an antique necklace.

 A DIY Inspired Piece
I realize I am just a southern girl who loves jewelry, earrings, necklaces, and more. But I get excited when I see something I can make that is unique and fits my ever-changing style. The other day I walked into the craft store looking for one thing and stumbled upon something that made me stop clean in my tracks.
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a metal antique-looking chain and next to it a heart locket. I mean you just can not get any easier than this set right here. 

Image: Items needed to make jewelry

Now, I may not be the smartest crafter in the bunch. But, I do know an excellent piece of jewelry when I see it.  Do it yourself pieces have come a long way. The styles and ideas are endless now. Anyone can make all types of necklaces and earrings with a few odds and ends. 

It's so; easy a tot can help you do it. I was looking for a vintage necklace at the second-hand store and was having no luck. So, I decided to go to Hobby Lobby and Michael's craft store and find something new I could make. And there it was all the pieces I needed to make my necklace. It came in a rustic brown and green color. I chose the rusty green look with a hint of gold bronze. 

Image: Details putting necklace together

I found the chain first then I looked for the charm I wanted to add. I couldn't resist getting the large heart with the lock key and four small sparkles fake diamonds.  I would love to add there were several other styles to chose from that were all amazing. I spent a total of about 10 dollars after my coupon. That was amazing because the necklace is mid-grade heavy.
Image: The complete do it yourself necklace

The steps are simple: remove the chain and slide through the heat and locket. That is all. 
Image: Showing woman wearing necklace and other ways to style the DIY with ring, watch and other items

In conclusion, I paired the necklace with my leopard watch and vintage ring I did find at the thrift market. In all retrospect, this was an easy project that anyone could make, or sell. Seriously, someone would pay a good penny for this idea.

Would you wear this necklace?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

Items Needed For Project
Charm or Anything You would Love To Add
Jewelry pieces can be purchased at any craft store.  I got mine from Hobby Lobby



  1. That has to be one of the most absolute best vintage pieces I have seen in a while. I love how rustic it looks, Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. That necklace turned out to be so cute! Im definitely going to try and recreate it!

  3. I love it when you show us how to make things! Yes , I would wear this’s pretty!

  4. Love it! I am going to try to recreate as well. Looking forward to the next diy. :-)


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