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It Takes Me Two Minutes To Cleanse My Dirty Eyelashes

Image: Woman removing eyelashes
 Hello beautiful people, this was not my scheduled post. I bumped it up due to a slight request from a  reader. I know sometimes it looks as if I have on a new set of eyelash weave every day. But, let me assure you I don't. I call myself a master at keeping and reusing any and everything possible. And my eyelashes are no exception. All I do is clean the glue and reuse. Oh but wait there is a small method to the madness.

If you are here, you want to know the rest. No matter what anyone says, most eyelashes can be used up to 8 times or more with proper care, even if they are thin and flimsy. 

Image: Prepping lashes to be cleaned

The items I use are micellar water, napkins, and q-tips. Side Note: I never use any astringent or alcohol because it could irritate my natural eyelids.
Image: Using Q-Tip To Cleanse lashes

Image: Place Lashes On Tray

Image: The complete end results

The first thing I do is remove my lashes.
I place the lashes onto a clean paper towel. I use a q-tip dipped in micellar water. I take the tip and clean the entire eyelash. It may look weird, but it will dry back to its regular shape. Last but not least I place the lash back onto its original try, so it takes its natural form.  

All done! Honestly, I never knew how easy it was for me to take care of my eye extensions until now. I would throw each pair away after use. In reality, the inexpensive and the expensive ones will last with a bit of care.

Do you reuse your lashes?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

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  1. Good to know! I am just starting to try to wear eyelashes ..I just threw a pair away. I need to try this.. hopefully I will learn to put them on without taking so long! TFS

    1. lol yes it can take a minute. But clean them and reuse. :) thanks for commenting

      xo tangie


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