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The Power Of Starting Over


Make A New Beginning
Do you want to start over something in your life? Well, there is no better time to do it than today.  No matter how young or old you are. Now is the time to start utilizing your right to stop, drop, and start over. 
 There is power in starting over, and it is never too late to do so.
All of this sounds good, right? But how do we get up enough nerve to use the power that is within us to start over again and again?
First, let me start off by saying there is no limit on the number of times a person can start life over. Take me, for example, I've failed at so many things until I have lost count. It doesn't matter because I get right back up and start all over again.

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                                          It's Time To Toss Out The Rules
When it comes to starting something new in your life. There are no rules, and the time stops when you start focusing on making a move in life. Do you need to change jobs, start school, write a book, or just take a much-needed vacation?  Well, what are you waiting for? If you need permission, I will assure you now no one, and I mean no one is going to give it to you.

Time waits for no one, so buckle down, change the rules so your plans will fit into your lifestyle. I am rooting for you, oh and your mom, dad and maybe your dog who you've named  Lazy Bones :)

 Forget Writing Down Goals Make A Mission Statement Instead 

Ouch! I know that hurts because we all have been taught to write the vision and goals down. For the sake of not getting stoned to death, I agree we should jot down our goals. 
Oh, and Yes, I have my goals written down somewhere over on my desk. But for the love of this post, there is power in starting over right now.

Ok, hear me out, a few years ago I wanted to quit my job. I do not remember which one because I've worked at least 20 crappy jobs in my 40 plus years in my life. I've missed a lot of opportunities in my life because I wouldn't stop and start something over.

It took me 20 years to go to beauty school for a 9-month certificate. You know why I was a procrastinator, I kept saying to myself maybe later, and before I knew it, times were gone.

I wrote the goal down and never went back to read it. The truth is I didn't have to write down what I knew I needed to do in my life that would bring a good income and change for my family.

It took one call, and I was in school. In other words, once I made up in my mind, I wanted to do hair I called and set the appointment. Just like that, I started a few weeks later.

 I agree we should write goals, but some things in life can be done quickly and swiftly. Last but not least, make a mission statement instead. It doesn't have to be anything long and drawn out. Keep it simple and easy to memorize.

Example: Today, I declare I am going to make all the necessary changes to accomplish the small and significant goals in my life. No matter how long it takes and no matter how many times I have to start over.

Don't Expect Failure
If you expect failure, I am almost positive it will come to pass in your life. Forget the fact Uncle Rodger never finished first grade. Find the light at the beginning of your tunnel by focusing on the possibilities of success.

Tip: Starting Over Is Not Scary. Not Starting Is What Scares Me The Most!

Set Your Plans And Execute Them
Once I made up in my mind what I wanted to do with my life. I jumped feet first and went full speed toward the vision. I found the school I wanted to attend, I called made an appointment in five minutes and the rest is history.

When Can You Start

The world is waiting for you and your gifts.

#1 Are You Ready To Start Over Right Now

#2 What do you need to give up so you can start living in the right now.

#3 What do you want to start over: career, relationship, travel opportunities, starting a book club, meeting new people, or just quit a job you dislike.

Choose Your Journey
Life is a journey, but not knowing which direction to go into has no reward. I've deviled my hands in many pots just to discover I was doing many things yet not accomplishing nothing at all. I was literally overworking myself for years.

Ways To Know If You are On The Right Track

*Are you excited about the mission or task you are starting on?

*Will it bring in now or later income?

Surround Yourself Around Postive People
Surrounding yourself with other people hold you accountable for getting stuff done. I know if I had told someone I wanted to go to beauty school a long time ago.

My dream would have been off the ground two decades ago. Find people that will motivate and encourage you every step of the way.

Tip: Postive people do not have to be family or friends. It can be the person who is helping you with your schoolwork or the coach who is pushing you toward a career as an NBA player.

Always ask questions, and you may be surprised how many strange people will step up and help.

Don't Give Up
With the economy the way it is right now, giving up just can't be an option. No, seriously, gas is $3.28 here in Texas. We can no longer afford to give up on anything in life at this moment. No matter what happens in your life, find your passion, and start something new.

In conclusion, as long as you are alive, anything is possible. You get one shot and many opportunities, so don't allow nothing or no one to stop the power of you starting over. :)

We are officially in June. What do you plan to start this month or next month?

What would you add to this list? Let's keep the conversation going.

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xoxo Tangie


  1. I needed this post right here! Especially when it comes to setting plans and exectuing them! #goals

  2. These are the best simple tips on life when it's time to stop settling!!! Thank You

    1. Thank you..sometimes we have to start over 50 times and that is ok :)


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