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The Trick To Aging Happy

Are you aging happily? Are you putting yourself first, second or last? I know this may be a touchy subject and I hate it so dearly myself. But the truth is we all will get old someday, and there will never be a good time to talk about that scary thing we call Aging. Image:

Are you aging happily? Are you putting yourself first, second, or last? I know this may be a touchy subject, and I hate it so dearly myself. But the truth is we all will get old someday, and there will never be a good time to talk about that scary thing we call Aging.
By the time I hit my forties, something had happened to me that I felt no one understood. I was changing into a woman I did not like. My hormones were all over the place, and my mind wanted nothing but peace and quietness. Too much noise made me agitated. It was after I had my last baby Moriah that I knew I needed some help. 

After her birth, I spent days and weeks crying for no reason. Nothing my husband nor my kids did help make it any better. I was severely sad. I went for my six weeks checkup, and my Dr. told me I was suffering from a chemical imbalance.  I was able to get help. It has taken years, and I have dealt with this privately and quietly with my husband and our kids.

One thing I remember my Dr. sharing with me is no amount of medicine is going to help until you start taking care of your mental state of mind. WOW, I was shaking, I didn't have time to take care of me. I have a newborn and three other children in school, my husband works 12 hours a day, and I run a salon full time. All I remember is I got a prescription that put me to sleep for the next week. 

Yes, I went to therapy, and it took a long time for me to come out of my shell and deal with my anxiety and what triggers it. Life is hard, but not understanding you are not alone is even harder. I can freely share my story in hopes it will inspire someone else to keep going. I love to style and DIY and share amazing things on this platform. But I know my new found happiness did not come overnight, and I want to be transparent with you as my audience. At the end of the day, when I remove my hair extensions, those pretty clothes, what do I see in the mirror? Underneath all those layers, I know there's a woman who wants to live and enjoy my kids and family. I want to love my job and all the happy things that come with it.

Every day I wake up and speak positive words of affirmations to my inner self to focus on loving myself and my life more each day. Once I can do that, then I can love others around me as well. 

Within my strength, I can talk about my struggle with mild anxiety at this point in my life. Here are 5 tips that helped me realize I want to age happily and full of joy. I remember having a moment where I felt old when I realized I was officially living life over the hill. So, when  I had my last child, it triggered a hidden fear I was already dealing with. While in therapy, I discovered I was afraid of getting older, and I was having a baby. That is the truth, and I had to deal with it, or I was going to age in sadness. Here are 5 actions that I took to find balance in aging.
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Cut The Fluff And Admit You Need Help: I am the first to admit when things happen in my life, I will shut the world out from family to friends. I've trained myself to stay upbeat for others and not myself. 
Now, I will scream to anyone who will listen to me. I have one friend named Debra who understands me, and when I need to talk or vent, I can call her and cry if I need too and vice versa. If she needs to tell me something, I am all ears, and we never talk to anyone else about our conversation. If you have no friends or family, find a good support group. It took me three decades to realize I couldn't handle it all by myself. 

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Embrace Sadness And Let Go When It's Time: Things are going to happen in life, and that's the way it is. Embrace sadness and take as much time as needed to heal. But the moment the sun comes shining in, swing low and open the door. In one of my group sessions, I learned too long in the dark will age you faster than staying out all night at a disco club.

Side Note: It's Ok Not To Be Ok, But It's Ok To Be Ok!

Pencil In A Day To Do Nothing: I would love to say find something to do or grab a hobby, but not today. Although when I DIY something, it helps me. On the other hand, there are days I do not want to do anything, not even take a bath for a day. I know that's nasty, but sometimes I only want to lay around and do nothing.  No phone calls, no paying or talking about bills, nada nothing. And I am cool with that. Whose with me? Side Note: I do bathe before bed. :)
Use this time to recharge your mental battery by getting a full day of rest and relaxation.

Be aware Of Burnout: I do not know one woman who is not a superwoman. Yes, indeed, we as the woman wore the Superman cape first. We may not have been in tight red shorts and wearing a long flowy cape. But we do wake up half-dressed putting on our boss woman dress so we can run kids to school, work 40 plus hours, come home cook and be a wife at night. So by the end of each day, we sit down and plan that same day all over again.
And yes, while Superman sleeps.
So ladies and gents be aware of burn out. It could and will happen. It is only a few hours in one day, and we have to take time out to breath. I know it is not easy, but as we age, we must stop and take care of our fragile mind, body, and soul.

Simple At-Home Things To Try Before You Overload

1}Mediate -Yes, invest in your own spiritual growth.

2}Listen To Some Quiet Storm Music- This method works great with babies. It will work on adults also.

3}Focus on good things: future plans, goals, and personal aspirations

4} Forgive those that have hurt you. Most importantly, forgive yourself.

4} Make new goals-Forget the ones you didn't accomplish and start some fresh new ones. You can start over as many times as needed in your life. Side Note: I learned that tip in therapy.

In conclusion: Life is short, and in reality, how much time do any of you have to be wasting on not taking care of YOU and Your Happy Health.

What Are Some Things That You Are Doing For Your Happiness? Would Love To Hear New Suggestions In Our Community

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!


  1. Even though I am 27 these points still resonate with me! Especially when it comes to burn out!!!! I am learning to take it easy!

    1. Yes take it easy...I know better now:) thank you

  2. I definitely agree 100% You look amazing every day. This is very powerful for the women with a low self esteem, very inspirational


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