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What I Never Knew About Being Forty Something

Image: Family Laughing about life

If I knew then what I know now has become a phrase in my life. It is one I often repeat to my girls when they are joking around.
How many times have you said that to yourself? I've lost a couple of year's worth of counting. 
The one thing I do know is life can be a funny thing. The things I once loved I suddenly hate, the jeans that once made me look super skinny now makes my thighs look like two squeezed sausages. Every day I prefer coffee over tea. Although I know having a blackberry cup of tea with honey is much better for me.
Nonetheless. I have become a real-life grumpy cat. In which I am learning to suppress very well. Let's just say my nerves are shorter than they were 20 years ago. :)
Image:mom and daughter talking about life

What's funny is I never knew I would be the person my kids find hilarious. Yes, lately, it has become the new thing in my house to make funnies of mommy.
Oh, but do not worry, I always get them back. Yes, I will call them out of their room to get the remote from the foot of the bed when I am laying at the top of it. 

I know this may sound petty, but I never knew I would still be finding my self in life. The things I did and wanted to do when I was younger has drastically changed, yet I always find myself wanting more and desiring to do different things in life. When I was in my teens, I often thought  I needed to have life figured out by the time I turned 20.
Well, I may be the only one in the world to say, but I changed my direction 30 times throughout my life. So, yes, I am still figuring a few things out well passed being twenty-something.

Most of it has been personal stuff, but I never knew I would still be dreaming about new things this far into life. Side Note: It is normal to dream and have goals that light your fire until the day you die. :) So keep inspiring to do greater things, because it will never be too late.

The forties can be a tricky time in life where finding yourself becomes a whole other goal. 

1. My taste in food has changed

2. I like quiet time more than people sometimes

3. It's possible some of my kids may never move out

4. My style changes with the wind. I am minimalist one day and goth the next. Seriously no joke

5. I love doing fun things, such as the zoo and amusement parks. I hated doing those things when I was younger. 

6. My kids are now my best friends. Yes, it's laughable now; the little people I used to punish are now the ones I talk to every single day. We laugh, cry, and shop together.

7. Learning to accept the fact of living life over the hill

In all genuine honesty, I am a jokester myself, so my kids have gotten that trait from me. And I know being forty-something can bring on a whole set of uncertainty. It doesn't matter because I am staying optimistic about what's to come. That is why I am learning to enjoy the small moments and milestones as they come. What I have learned about being in my forties is I will never stop learning. And that is what I never knew before now.

I will never stop learning. So it's my opinion to say its a fairytale to think one person will have life all figured out by the time they hit a certain age in life. Bt the first part about aging, we all can still learn something new and something old. Now that is good to know.

In conclusion:
I never thought I would be right here at this point in my life. Although I am aging, I now know the best is yet to come. Side Tip: No matter how old you are in life, there is always time to be and do more. :)

Until Next Time See Ya In The Next Post!

xoxo Tangie


  1. You have such a beautiful family:) Nice Post

  2. Hey Tangie, miss you on Youtube! {DiamondLife Cavalli}


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