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Why Older Women Should Wear Off The Shoulder Clothing

Image: Women wearing off the shoulder dress. Bits and Babbles by Tangie Bell: Being Forty-Something
When it comes to embracing my body, I sometimes miss the mark. By all means, anyone can plainly see I am not 20 years old and wearing a size 2. Yep, those days left over 25 years ago. Besides, I am not a fashion icon, but needless to say, I have something essential to shelve out. And it's all about women of a certain age wearing off the shoulder clothing. Yikes, what's the age limit when it comes to showing a little skin.
When it comes to revealing a little midriff, back skins, or butt cheeks, I agree we all should use proper adult judgment when it comes to wearing clothes. But on the other hand, its precisely 110 degrees and I want to dress as comfortable as possible. I've found it a bit hard at times. The truth is all the cute frumpy clothes are in the teen section. In which I often find myself wondering. Yes, I can order plenty of things offline, but sometimes I want to experience a shopping trip to my local mall.

Image: Bits and Babbles Tangie Bell

Earlier this year I bought a few off the shoulder tops in which I only wore one. I do not have an apparent reason as to why I just started wearing the others. But I will say I felt a little exposed when wearing. It does call for some type of confidence at any age and any size.

It took a little time for me to adjust, looking in the mirror and letting all my body parts jiggle around. But after a few times trying them on, I jumped right on into loving what I saw.
Every woman will have a different experience when wearing cold shoulder tops and dresses. But, in my opinion, I believe older women should add at least one or two to their wardrobe.
Image: Tangie Bell Blogger Bits and Babbles: Being Forty-Something
Here are my unauthorized  reasons why older women should wear off the shoulder clothing

Image: Woman styling off the shoulder dresses. Bits and Babble Tangie Bell

It's Summer Time: Ok it is hot and who wants to wear long sleeves or jackets all the time. They are perfect for going to a pool party or a gathering with the family.

Perfect For Date Night or Random Outings: Who wants to dress up for a  movie or errands? I find it easy to slip on my dress sandals and go.

The Styles Are Endless: I am amazed at the many colors and designs I found when looking for the style I wanted. They come in short, medium, and knee-length. I found a couple of flowers and ruffles. 

Not Just For Teens: Contrary to popular belief, the cold shoulder style is for anyone who has the confidence to wear it at any age. I am all for positive body love, and I say go try one or two on today.

There Are No Rules: Forget what anyone says you can style them with pants, leggings, and shorts. The possibilities are surprising, considering the different styles one can come up with.

Day To Night Wear: Almost all of the ones I purchased can go from day tonight. In the day I can wear a simple pair of flats and an everyday handbag. At night I could put on an open toe shoe and add a colorful purse. It's funny the same dress but different looks.

No Age Limit: At the end of the day, there is no age limit on wearing skin showing dresses.  Just because I had to get mine out the teen section doesn't mean I couldn't wear it. That's my theory, and I am sticking to it.

Try Something Different: I am the first to admit I am a one style wearer. Meaning I find one style, and I will wear it over and over again. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that at all; I just need to broaden my views more on style. 

Places To Buy Cold Shoulder Clothing

I am a firm believer you get what you pay for. Finding them in every corner of the store is possible. Please be on the lookout for quality above anything else. For example, I prefer a thicker material, without any see-through sheers or kiddie prints. I am also into multiple wears. So I find my best ones from the mall: Macy's women section, JCPenney, Target, and online at She-In. 

My size is large, sometimes xl. Depending on the brand. 

In Conclusion:
As I age, I am more inclined to try a variety of styles now. You only live once, so go out and be spontaneous for once in your life. I was once told a forty-year-old woman should cover-up at all times. And I say to heck with what they say. I am wearing what I want. :)

Would you wear off the shoulder clothing?
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