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Something Old And Something New

Image: Woman sharing how she mixes old clothes with new clothing and accessories
I have no style, and I am the first one to admit that. In other words, the way I dress may not be worthy enough to rip the runway. I am cool with that because I am a  Southern mama who loves sharing the joys of family, food, fun, things I like, and frolicking in the city. So, that means I cant always dress up in the latest trends on the market. Nor can I shop as if I am a single woman with no kids nor responsibilities. Lately, I've been enjoying putting old rugged pieces of thrift items with new stuff I recently purchased. Let me be the one to say mixing up my wardrobe is not only stylish, but I've styled it to be a simple and budget-friendly way I desire to shop.
As a woman, I enjoy browsing through clothes and accessories, it doesn't matter if it is online or wandering through the front doors of my local brick and mortar store. Over the last few months, I've been playing around with mixing old and new things to see if I will still look fashional on a budget. Yes, I was amazed, but you will also be when you look at a few of the things I did grab offline and from the second-hand store.

Image: Old shoes purchased from thrift store

I mean seriously, would you wear a pair of old scuffed up shoes from the back of the goodwill on the bottom floor? Yes, I would if I could see the vision in doing so. You would not believe me if I told you the shoes pictured above was only 3 dollars on the thrift clearance rack. At first glance, I should have left them right where I saw them. But the more I looked at them, they began to have an old vintage look to them.
At least that is what I told myself. Nonetheless, I walked out of the store with those ugly looking shoes. I got home, and I cleaned them up, then I decided not to fix them nor add any shoe paint. I wanted the natural scratches and scrapes to shine through. I saw the beauty in them, and I knew I could match them up with a few new items I had recently purchased.
Image:Necklace purchased from Zara: Something New
Before I give the deets on the outfit, allow me to tell of the accessories, I paired with my sort of new items. I added a chain-link necklace that I purchased on clearance from Zara.

Image: Earrings purchased from Earthbound Trading :Something New
The earrings came from EarthBound Trading also off the clearance rack. 

Image: Earrings purchased from consignment store

I am not trying to toot my horn, but toot. There is nothing better than going into a consignment shop and finding the perfect vintage-inspired ring and a simple mix metal bracelet. 

Image: Woman sharing total look and outfit with old shoes, new dress and accessories
And of course, I have shown you guys that steal of a deal Michael Kors leather handbag. Yes, I scored that also from the Thrift store. The off the shoulder top came from Target, and the dress came from She-In off-line. I am learning some valuable lessons in my life as of lately. Shopping clearance, thrift, second=hand, or waiting for sales doesn't mean you don't have money. It says I am smart with my coins. I can get and do more. It has been scorching here in Texas, so I have been on the lookout for cozy, breathable clothes. In the summertime, there is no need to buy lots of clothing because I tend to wear less or the same thing over and over again. Amongst other things, I want to slip into a cool summer dress or skirt. 

Last but not least, I feel good about my new dress, necklace, earrings, burgundy top mixed with second-hand shoes,  vintage rings, and handbags. 

Later on, in the fall I, will add a half bootie and denim jacket for a new restyled look and feel. 

Would you wear this outfit? How do I look?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!
xoxo tangie


  1. Oh, I love how the entire outfit came together and how you pretty much found all of the right pieces and matched them accordingly!! Love this LOOK!!

  2. In loving this so much!!! Great and put together in the end 💗

  3. You always look happy and fly!!!


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