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Christmas In July

Image:Family Watching Christmas Movies
There is something brewing in the air, and it is not Santa Claus in the middle of July. What I do know is that it is 100 degrees right now in Texas, and all I want is a cherry-berry snow cone. 
Nonetheless, I know you may be wondering what this post is all about, and I assure you have read the title correctly. After going to several stores, I couldn't help but notice Christmas stuff is hitting the shelves left and right. Oh No! I am not ready, although I could go for a little snow on the rooftop and roasted marshmallows over an open fire. 
Not to mention all week, I have been watching holiday stories on my favorite tv channel Hallmark. On Friday, they were showing Xmas DIYs. Although I think it is too early, I was front row and center for lushly slushy happiness. Lately, I've been feeling a little holiday cheer as of late.  Let me explain.

Image: Christmas Tree Decorating

Although I was shopping for something else, I couldn't help but lean toward the reindeer and wreath section. I got so happy and sparkly-eyed. Then it dawned on me. I was feeling happy and excited, not because of the decor. It was about the feeling of joy that Christmas brings. The more I walked through the aisles, I could smell pine cones and hints of spice. 
Image: Gifts Under The Tree and Drinking Hot Chocolate
I know putting holiday stuff out early is a genius marketing idea. That is one way to look at it, and another way would be to bring in the cheer soon. Either way, it felt perfect visiting the wonderland of stores.

Image: Christmas Presents Under The Tree

But I must admit I came home and popped in our favorite DVD, which is The Grinch. Also, I am not ashamed to admit I spent two hours talking about our yearly Christmas plans with my daughters.  Every year I usually decorate our small apartment as if I moved into Home Goods or Hobby Lobby craft store. As you can see from the pictures, I love orange colors all year round. 

I also love it when I get together with my family, and they enjoy the feast I cook year after year. 

The Food:
Homemade Corn Bread Dressing
Giblet Gravy
Glazed Ham and 3 Lemon Seasoned Chickens
Mac and Cheese
Glory Greens
A Skillet Of Sweet Corn Bread
Baked Yams
Fried Corn
Cranberry Sauce 

Lemon Cake
3-4 Sweet Potatoe Pies
Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sweet Tea
And A Bible To Pray We Eat All The Food. :) not kidding at all.

I made it a tradition to do all of the cooking, and yes, it takes days to complete. In between decorating the tree and baking, we always make time for our family games. Not to mention, we take a chance at life by making smores at our fireplace. You can see pictures on my Instagram. 

In Conclusion: I know it is too early too do Christmas stuff. But I am all for anything that will bring peace, love, and joy even if it's in the form of singing jingle bells. 

 My family has no idea of the change in plans that will take place this year. Oh my, and it will be unexpected. Shhhhhh! We all must wait and see.
So who is hungry after reading today's blog post. 

Have you seen any Christmas decor thus far in July?
What are your plans for the holiday? No pressure, I am only nosey.

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xoxo Tangie



  2. Never to early to spend the special time with the family, no matter what time of the year it is 😄. Keep doing you, I love it

  3. My favorite part is watching the Grinch! I love that movie so much! Such a timeless little movie! And I'm starting to feel a bit festive because I am ready for this heat to pass!

  4. I'm ready for fall and winter, too. I'm from Mississippi and it's so hot and humid.


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