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First Time Making Zipper Earrings

Image: Woman wearing zipper earrings

Good morning everybody! Last week I found a super cute leather jacket that will go great with a pair of leggings in the fall. I know its too early for that type of talk. But, when you see a good deal at your local consignment shop, its best to grab it right away.

I couldn't find a set of earrings to match my new jacket. So, guess what I did? I bought all the materials I needed to make myself a pair of zipper earrings to match my original purchase. Ultimately, I can't say they are exactly what I wanted, but hey they look unique, and they indeed were easy to make. 

Some of the items you will need can be found at any craft store, Walmart, or your local Target.  Most of the stuff may be in your home already.

Image: Items shown to make earrings. Zipper, end cords, earring hoops, scissors, gkue

Items Needed:
Two Long Zippers
Earring Hooks

Fabric Glue Or Glue Gun (Optional)

End Caps

This is a no-fuss project and only requires five simple little steps.

First: Remove zippers from the package and lay flat. Cut shorter if you want your earrings to be smaller in length. I left mine a little longer for demonstration purposes only. When I make more, I will cut them to fit my face in the middle. 

Second: Fold your zippers in half, use any kind of glue to mend both ends.

Third: Trim off any excess fabric at the ends of both zippers.

Fourth: Add hot glue to the inside of the end cords, then squeeze the end fabric from zipper into the area where the adhesive has been applied. It will dry quickly so insert as fast as possible. 

Fith: Last but not least, add your earring hooks and you are done. This was the most straightforward project I have ever done.

You Are Done:

Image: Showing how to make the finish product

Image: Showing end results

Other important things to know. I attend a lot of craft and vintage events when possible. Most people hand make stuff to sell. I've seen my share of weird things being made to sell. Surprsrisly the stuff flies at these events. The zipper earrings are simple and cute, so I bet anyone can make and sell them for a fair price. If that is an option, please buy your items in bulk. So, you can get more bang for your money.

Nonetheless, this is a great project for teenagers to dibble and dabble in.

Last but not least: I love to make things that are fun, realistic, and quick to make. Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial. Please note: This is for entertainment purposes only. Make and sell and your own discretion. 

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xoxo Tangie


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you very much, you know I love making stuff from time to time.

  2. That was a very unique DIY ,absolutely Love It!!!

  3. Love these. Nice DIY for my nine year old daughter and I.

    1. Super easy and very cute in person. You can try the pink and other colors also.


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