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My On The Road Accessories And Two Outfits

Image: Handbag
 Y'all know I love to babble, right?  So, this is a story about hitting the road, with one duffel bag and only two outfits. 
We were in the middle of July, and it has come down to my little date of packing up my four girls along with my hubby for a quick road trip home to Louisiana.

And I am the first to admit I always overpack for a weekend trip. Let me tell you overstuffing your getaway bag is no fun. It's easy at home but lugging it around at the hotel is awful. 

I've always packed too many shoes, outfits, and accessories, just to only wear the same one or two. But hey buddy, I am ready this time, and I plan to dress comfy, simple, and chic. 
Besides, I do not know the temperature at this moment in Louisiana, but if its anything like Texas, I can imagine it is hot at melted butter on pancakes right. :)

So, this Southern gal wants to be prepared for the hot and humid days on our trip. First things first, I have tried wearing a fanny pack when I travel, but Ummm no not my style.
It is cute on everyone else, but when I try to add one to my style, I look ridiculous. The purpose was only to free my hands from carrying a purse or bucket bag. Do you wear fanny packs?

Image: Woman Showing Outfit #1 Dress

So, I packed the black see-through net handbag that I purchased from Mango online. The reason being is we booked our stay in town it was at the Casino Hotel, and I know sometimes they may search through purses. 
If anyone is wondering, we stayed at the Eldorado, and no, I didn't win any money because I do not gamble. I love the views and the food there, oh and the noise.

I knew it was going to be scorching hot in Louisiana, so I decided to wear one of my favorite off the shoulder dresses. I know It may look like I was wearing a tween dress, but hey looking age-appropriate goes out the window when I am on vacation. As a matter of fact, the slinker, the better. 

Aww, don't get your feathers all ruffled up. I wore a slip underneath. Oh, and I paired my cold shoulder ensemble with a pair of Tom half booties in black. I was feeling really fancy as a forty-something woman. 

Image:Woman showing off orange earrings
To complete my look, I went for the bold earring look. You know that color and style that make all the other women take notice. Ok yall, I am from the country, and we notice every darn thing. 
Seriously if you wear open toes shoes in Louisiana, you may want to have on cute nail polish. Because somebody is bound to notice you have chipped off the nail polish before they see your cute shoes. 
No pun intended its all in love women of the South love looking good from head to toe. But since I am not fashion nor a cool stylist. I was clearly happily packing my bright orange puzzle shaped earrings that I also purchased from Mango in their clearance section. I was able to swoop all around the town, looking cute and feeling comfortable.
Trust me when I say going home to visit family and lots of friends. And that is precisely what Rico, me, and the family did.
I was able to eat ribs, chicken, potato salad, and baked beans with all the trimmings outside while looking stylish and comfortable.
Image:Woman showing off outfit #2

Image:Woman showing off outfit stripes and linen pants

Last but should have been number one. I arrived in my first outfit, which was linen pants and a stripe bodycon top I purchased from Target. This look was based solely on sitting around the house laughing and talking with family. It was my mother in law 70th birthday in which they celebrated the night before.

By the time we made it into town, it was far more of a laid-back and relaxing surprise day n my mother in laws birthday.
So, my casual look was perfect, and it was the ideal loose-fitting pair of clothing I've brought all year long. When we walked in the door to greet family, we started laughing, crying, and taking selfie pictures for memories.
And I was super ready for the madness and fun!

In conclusion: The two outfits I chose to tell a story, and each one served a great purpose for my road trip home. Once I realized I was going to my hometown, I knew there was no need for me to overpack.

Furthermore, I was going for the family, food, and fun. Unless I was going to meet the Queen of England, I saw no need to bring two suitcases of clothing.

And that is what my life in clothes has become.
I am no longer focused on style as much as I am about comfort for the occasion I will be attending. That's my story, and I am sticking to it.

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xoxo Tangie


  1. Your choice of style was super cute with the pop of red, glad u enjoyed yourself 💙

  2. We had so much fun! Also I kudos to you fro actually nailing the whole "two outfits" theme! I still overpacked and I just don't know how I did it! Maybe I thought I was going to see the queen or something myself! Ha!

  3. I always overpack. You look so beautiful.

  4. Good morning Keisha ....I know girl over packing slows me down. Thank you and have a good day:)


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