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One Dollar

Image:Coffee Cup Haul From dollar Store
A Small Dollar Haulage
Is there anything for a dollar anymore? Whatever happened to being able to buy a six-pack of coke or a 16 oz box of lucky charms cereal for a buck? Yes, those were the good old days. In other words, I would love to find good quality items without always paying an arm and a leg and possibly a big toe price. 
Does that make me a cheapskate? Sometimes all I want to do is pick up a few items that are not mandatory at the moment, but I desire to buy it. I stumbled upon some precious things at my local dollar hub. So, come on in and take a little peek
I love a good bargain, and you guys know this right? But lately, I've felt as if the dollar stores had fallen off the cute wagon. Everything was appearing to look plastic with a lightweight feel. So, I stopped going for awhile. 
Until a few weeks ago, my daughter Carey wanted to buy a simple makeup bag that she can take on road trips. So we popped our big ole' heads into the local store where everything is a dollar.
After walking around for a second, I ran back to the front and got myself a buggy to toss items in to. Yeah, I saw some stuff that made me want to kick my heels up and twirl.

Ok, here's the deal it is a method when shopping at the dollar spot. Yes, girl, it is a method to the madness because it's easy to spend 50 buckaroos on dollar items. 

Image: Makeup Bag From Dollar Store Haul

Image: Travel Bag

The Plan
First I start with the beauty section: This time I found myself the cutest little travel makeup bag. Surprisingly it holds a lot of stuff in it.  A box filled with manicure items, a sturdy leopard brush, beauty blender and a soft kabuki brush. The quality was terrific, and I am pleased with the look and feel of each item.

Image: Coffee Cup And Book From Dollar Haul
The second item I like to strobe by is the book section. Yall the dollar spot is where it's at when it comes to books. I got lost at the cuteness and new releases that are available. This go round I got two Moments of Faith which is a small and relaxing morning book to read while having coffee and tea. So, cute and inspirational. 

Image: Book From Store

Image: Showing Inside Of Book With Details

The next book I found was named 940 Saturdays. I knew I hit the jackpot with this one because it has pages for me to write down events and more. Also, there is a small little pamphlet on the back side filled with ideas for the weekend. This has been my best purchase yet. I was stoked about it. 
I love planning weekly, weekend and daily things to do. Now I can have something to keep all my notes separate from recipes, and social media codes amongst other things.

One of my favorite things to buy is coffee cups when possible. This time I found two that were very well made. The Best Is Yet To Come and the other one read Start Everyday With A Grateful Heart. 

Lastly, I purchased a few glass containers with lids two loaves of bread from the food section. I am so glad I made this trip because I am back in love with the dollar store, as long as I can continue finding cute and girly items.

What are your favorite things at the moment from the dollar store?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!


  1. Loved this post! There's always cute things at the dollar store!

  2. This is me every weekend lol I absolutely LOVE dollar tree!! But what shocked me the most was the Book section!! That's was great find

    1. I know the book section is getting better.They have some really good finds.

  3. I love the dollar stores or dollar tree. My 20 year old son is a full time student and works part time at Dollar Genaral. He keeps me in the know.

    1. Yes, the Dollar store has come a long way since I was a kid. #goodstuff


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