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Sundays Are For Markets And Seeing Weird Stuff

Image:Sculptures at the Market. Seen first on Bits and Babbles City Diaries

 Oh hello Sunday, so glad to be here. Hope all is wonderful with you beautiful people on today? I am probably halfway to Barbados by the time you read this. 
Ok in my dreams I am there. But who cares its Sunday and I just may be at my favorite Market right now eating pig sausages and watching all the weird stuff people buy and sell.
Seriously when I want to relax and unwind. I will grab the kids and the hubs and head into town so we can shop. I can spend hours at the Market, and it really is therapeutic and relaxing for the soul.

Image: Weird Candles at the Market

Image: Woman buying Soy Candles

  • When going to the market, I go for sweet potatoes and corn, but there is so much more than fruits and vegetables.
  • It is a peaceful place to hang with the family for free. 
  • I love to support and buy from the locals. Sometimes I can find the best smelling candles and homemade soaps. If you are into pure organic stuff, then the local market is where it's at.
  • Oh, and I love when I find unique and weird items. Sometimes I buy it just for fun.

Image: Buying Products

Image: Buying Lip Moisturizer

It is no secret I have sensitive skin, and most days, I can only use pure oatmeal soap and sunflower organic seed oil. And when I need it, I run straight to the market and stock up.

Image:Buying Soap Organic

  • The market has turned out to be a great place to teach my girls about shopping, local and small. We sit down at the plant nursery and talk about the different plant families while eating. 

Image:Buying Flowers

  • I can never leave the plant section without buying my favorite sunflower. I wish I could list all the vendors that are available from jewelry, fresh Columbian coffee, candy makers, and so much more. It is a place where families can learn and try new and exciting things. 
  • The best times to go is on a Sunday after church, or whenever the weather permits. Sometimes there are sheds, and I always find the best gifts and food on the inside.
  • I almost fainted when I saw shark meat and prawns bigger than a 10lbs baby. I have not gotten that bold to eat fi yet. But I sure do rip the popcorn and soft chocolate chip cookies to shred. Ok, I will admit I am a sweet mouth, and I love lots of junk food.

Image: Haul

A Litle Haul
We ate most of the evidence at the market, but I did bring a few things home.

  • Lip moisturizer and four oatmeal honey soaps
  • Chewy Macaroonchocolate-Strawberry-Oreo and Mocha
  • A large Soy Candle
  • A sunny, fresh flower

In conclusion: I love the markets not just for the veggies and fresh fruits, But for the weird and fun things to see and share with my family. It feels great to watch them get excited about other things other people make and sell. Trust me when I say most markets I've visited have not been dull. Besides its all in how one views their visit. I believe it is a fun, free and relaxing place to be on a Sunday.

Have you been to the Market Lately?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xoxo Tangie