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The Funny Thing About Date Night And The Budget

Image: Couple Sharing Date Night And Budget

Life Can Be Funny

Let's face it, sometimes it can be funny as adults. You know those moments when we can laugh at the good and bad times. For example, I used to anticipate my husband planning a big and expensive evening for us on date night. Back in the day, it was all about flowers that I always let die, eating out and movies three times a week. Seriously, not even joking. But now...

Life, marriage, and kids have slowed us down, not to mention the long hours of work. To be honest, when one of us makes it home, the other sometimes be asleep. It's crazy because, as adults, we have found time is moving and going by so fast. I've noticed my husband and I have become more settled down family people. It doesn't take much for us to be happy anymore because we center everything around our family life.

But, wait for one-minute we've discovered our little family is growing up and its time we take notice. How can we put the focus back into our lives so we can be whole and complete when we become empty nesters. Besides, after 17 years of being together, it may be time to spice up a few things. Nothing major, just taking time for one another without any kids at all. 

In the reality of things, most people only get 1-2 days off from work, and that is our real-life story.
In my opinion, life is not hard if I prep, plan, and prepare for something as small as a night out in the city. The other week Rico and I made a proper schedule for ourselves, and I am going to share it with you guys. We are a large family, and over the years, I've mastered a few things that have helped me find and learn a budget for date nights.

There was a point in my life where I hated talking about a budget. And who knew I would need one for casual dates. The funny part about planning dates is: I save money, and I know what event or dinner we will be doing in advance. I've said this before little dates do not always have to be out frolicking in the city. And I really do love our time inside the four walls of our home. But let's face it mama needs a little time out in the wilderness also. Lol ( no pun intended).

Before I wrote this post, hubby and I have been enjoying smaller outings and doing simple things that have been more fun than doing something big and over the top. There is nothing wrong with doing big and popping things, but sometimes all a couple needs is a little walk in the park.

The Budget For Spontaneous Things
  • Outside: Yes, we've added the park to our adult list. It is ok to get half dressed up and take a long walk out together. This is not the time for exercise, although every step will help. Our goal is to remain focused on our time and what we need as a couple.
  • Ice-Cream Dates: Who says sweet dairy is only for the kiddos. If I prepare dinner at home, then Rico and I will run to the corner creamery for dessert. And honey, I am always ready a two-scoop of a rainbow creamsicle with my man on the side of me.
  • Picnic In The Car: Last weekend I packed a few sandwiches and lots of junk food loaded up the car and went sightseeing. We laughed and talked for hours. Also, we rode on a few hidden gems in the city that we will be going back to revisit.
  • Matinee At The Drive-In: I love going to the movies, but it has to be at the early bird special. We just went our first drive-in movie, and I will say that it was a different experience in itself. Although it was fun and romantic. We both fell asleep. Nonetheless, the tickets were only 5 bucks and two for one for the first showing that evening. Yes, I will do it all over again.
  • Sharing Food: I am not sure what has happened to my eating habits. But, I can barely eat a lot when we go out to eat. So, we stopped ordering separate, and we share our dinner most all the time.
  • Book Store: I love coffee and reading books, so sometimes we go to Barnes and Noble's grab a frappe or coffee and read all the books in the store. Hey, it's an affordable and relaxing date night.
  • Wine Night: Some Starbucks have wine tasting nights, and we love those, or we will do a wine walk. Where we try different wines for a small fee. 

In conclusion, I decided a long time ago, my life can not consist of only work and paying bills. But, I also live in a reality where most families do have to work and pay bills. That is why Rico and I are becoming more self-aware about our money and how we spend our time. I would prefer to do small things with him than one big thing. That's life, and that is our reality. 

There you have it our funny date night and our budget. 

How do you date night?

Until Next Time See Ya In a Bit!

xoxo Tangie

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  1. Love those ideas. My husband and I don't spend quality time together. I really love the picnic idea.

    1. Thank you and girl I can relate its hard sometimes when we work.Keep that spice you do not have to be fancy:)

  2. I know that's right! You gotta find time for each other to make this thing work and last! Love it!

  3. Those were some super Dope Ideas!!

  4. I like these ideas alot!!! Glad you can enjoy yourself without spending a mortgage ,unlike me👌

  5. This is a very good tip especially to those fresh to the blogosphere.
    Brief but very accurate info? Many thanks for
    sharing this one. A must read article!


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