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Image: Snoopy Cup Coffee
The Little Joys Of Life
Last week I was reminiscing about my life and where I came from. I was thinking about those hard days some brought on by others but most created by me. But, I quickly had to remind myself how I made it through the fire, rain, and brimstone. As much as I want to believe sad days and rough times make people stronger and it should. I've come to a conclusion who wants to stay in an unhappy and joyless situation. Life is not all about sparkles and glitz, but it is about the list we all decided to create for ourselves. The Joyful List is about celebrating the small little joys in and out of life. I do not write on bits and babbles fluffy stories this my truth and my reality. 
                  So, to lighten things up a bit here is this weeks list of joys.

I've decided to kick this post off old school. This may sound a little crazy, but I find it relaxing and peaceful when I can have a cup of coffee before my day starts while watching sitcoms from back in the day.  You know the ones where everyone got alone, and if a problem arose, it was quickly solved with the 20-minute time slot of the show. Yes, those were the good ole' days.
Finding something good and uplifting early in the mornings is hard nowadays. Although I love the news I love laughing at oldies but goodies like The Andy Griffith Show. I am a firm believer in what I see do and hear will dictate my day. As I become older, I prefer peace and quiet early in the mornings. Can any of you relate to that? Do you have a favorite morning show to watch before starting your day?
Image: Having Coffee Outside Blogpost

 Sometimes I have to laugh at myself when I think about the number of little cups I have in my pantry. I think I may have a slight fetish for collecting coffee cups. Seriously I have so many, and I may have to share them with you guys one day. 
Nonetheless, I find it slightly uplifting when I have my morning brew in my snoopy cup. Rico (my husband) thought I brought the cup for our little one Moriah. But no I found this one as a limited edition from Urban Outfitters. When my eyes saw it, I was smiling ear to ear. 
I can't explain my feelings, but I felt happy when I saw it, and I had to purchase it quickly. It is a small thing, but it is an essential thing to my daily joy. 

Image Family enjoying outside
Family: This is my best moment of them all enjoying outside activities with my kiddos. The hubs and I have finally gotten them to realize we can have fun without always spending money. Yes, its true over the years we have spoiled our children to the point we would buy and give even when we didn't have it to do. As they have grown up and things are better in life we all have decided to do other things throughout our week that are free or cost very little. That way we can plan for more significant items such as our vacation and other things we want to do in the city. We've mastered enjoying life on a budget.
Its all about planning for the big and little things in life.

Image : Family dressed like cows for cow day

Image: Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-la

I try to stay current on the things that are going on around the city in which we live. Anytime family things are going on you can bet your ruby red slippers we will be there. 
For example, I knew Chik-fil-la had their yearly cow appreciation day, so guess what I did? 

Since I love crafting every now and then, I went into my stash and made our cow shirts. In which I finally realize my design really looks like little pigs. But, hey I like pink, and so I rolled with the pastel cow look. 
I was so happy making something we all could dress up and wear. We sat down and ate, laughed at everything and talked for hours. The best part of the day was watching other families do the same thing with their small kids. It brought me overwhelming joy because I am able to sit down with my little and bigger kids. Who knew chicken and a cow would bring so many smiles to the faces of so many families. Now that's free joy!

Image: Gas Station Sign
I am able to tell my children all my funny stories. Some of them do be lies, but I will never tell them the truth. We went walking the other day, and I saw an old gas station. I couldn't help but tell them I remember when gas was .98 lol (no I do not). But it was so funny to me because my kids foolishly believed I was telling the truth. Rather they believe me or not it's just fun for me to fabricate my stories and make them laugh at me or with me. Either way, it brings me joy.

Image:Happy Place Restaurant Cafe Sign
You know I am paying more attention to the signs I see when I am out and out. Everyday I on purpose look for things or people that will sprinkle happiness around me. There is a little coffee spot in my neighborhood I frequent a lot. Before entering the door, there is a sign that reads "this is My Happy Place. The best part is the place is filled with everything happy, people smiling and talking, coffee brewing and signs of happiness everywhere. 

Image: Chicken and Waffles at the Cafe
Everytime Rico and I go out at sunrise we love to eat chicken and waffles. Seriously we can sit and chat for hours about nothing, and I mean nothing. The moral of the story is finding and doing the small and large things that bring in the most joy. 

In conclusion, I keep a Joyful List of all new and current memories so I can stay focused on the things that really matter: My Joy!

There you have it as simple as it gets.

How are you recognizing the Joys of your life?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xoxo Tangie


  1. Those shirts came out sooooo cute! And sometimes its small things that are the most fun!


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