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Weekend Bits And Favorites

Sharing All The Bits And Bobs Purchased Over The weekend. Along With New Hairstyle, make up and movie ideas. Weekend Bits And Favorites
A Little Bit Of Everything

Oh hello, Monday so glad you are here,  Quite frankly the weekend went by way too fast, and I am not too happy about that. Nonetheless, the weekend was laid back, and it consisted of a few new things.  You know the usual, new eyebrows, hair color, and few other bits and favorites.
Yes, this weekend has been a busy one for me. I took the plunge and changed my hairstyle and color altogether. I am NOT used to it by any means. I will have a formal reveal in my next post. I may decide to shave it off because it is so out of my norm.

 I almost missed church but I knew praise and worship was going to be on fire that morning so, I wore a scarf for that day. Don't worry I will be sharing but it has been years since I've ever done anything outside of my real hair is short and blonde with the occasion of blonde extensions that were extra long. So, yeah this has been a shock too me.  The truth is I have desired a change in my hair routine not realizing it was going to look drastically different on me. My new hairstyle was the highlight of my weekend this weekend.
Image: Woman shares thought on new eyebrow filler she purchased
 Moving forward  I went shopping for a few new and old makeup products. I tried a new beauty item this weekend. I am a big fan of eyebrows but filling them in can be a doozy. So, I asked the Ulta worker what was new and useful for eyebrows. Not knowing she was about to show me what she uses. Honestly, when I saw her makeup, it looked natural, and her eyebrows were perfect. Not drawn on looking extra big and fake. No offense to those who like that look but I prefer a natural fill to eyebrows I already have. 
So, she shared with me the tattoo studio by Maybelline. I purchased on Saturday and reluctantly tried it on Sunday morning before church. I was a little scared due to the fact once I apply. It stays for a few days. So, I knew I had to get it right on without making a big mess.
As you can see from the picture above, I did it right, and it looks incredible. The texture is fantastic, and it seems natural. I had to add this one to my weekend bits and favorites. Ok, new eyebrow filler this may be my new obsessed beauty product. 
Image: Woman shares new foundation  she loves

Last but not least in the makeup aisle. I decided to go back to my all-time favorite foundation that works. I must admit I did get caught up in the craze of using other brands, but I never got full coverage without using concealer. After I finished using my Fenty in which I liked, but the line of products didn't sell the powder form. The base was perfect. But I love to wear powder sometimes without the liquid foundation. On days when I am only going to pick up groceries I do not need a full face, sometimes I need a little powder foundation for a smooth finish on my face. 

Nonetheless, I grabbed my favorite True Match by Loreal, and I am sticking to this perfect pair. It is affordable, and it gives me great full coverage without using all the extra stuff on my face. In the picture above all, I have on my face is the liquid and the powder. See how it covers my dark circles. I love it because it gives me a natural looking tan. I do not know why I tried any other foundation because this one is life.
I use rice color N7, and it is indeed the perfect match. 

After leaving the beauty store, I decided to enjoy a few hours of thrift and consignment shopping. I didn't find a lot in the thrift store, but I hit the jackpot at the consignment shop. I know this may look a bit ugly, but I brought home the cutest little colorful balloon purse. I am not sure what I will wear with it, but I will figure something out. Honestly, this was an impulse buy. But, hey it only cost me 20 dollars, and I had to have it. I love a unique purse that doesn't require incredible amounts of money. What do you think about this balloon inspired handbag? Is it a hit or miss? How would you style it?

I knew my weekend was going to be a relaxed one, but I can never go out without stopping by Target. If I never buy anything I have to go into their jewelry section. I kept my composer this time and only got a cute pair of clear chandelier earrings by A New Day collection. They look heavy, but they are actually very lightweight and was super cute with my new cut.

So, girl get you a pair and let me know how you like them?

Weekend Ideas

Last but not least, I picked up the movie Acrimony by Tyler Perry starring Taraji P. Henson. Let's say it was a cute movie for Rico and me to watch alone at home. I will not spoil it but if you want a relaxing night at home. Grab this movie and some snacks to cuddle up on the sofa and enjoy. You will not be disappointed at all. My opinion: Not for the small kiddos. Also, I found this movie at Wal-Mart for under 20 dollars. Also, everything in this post I purchased with my coins, and I use. :)

That wraps up my weekend bits and favorites. See You Tuesday for a new post! Seriously:)

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xoxo Tangie


  1. Everything was so Nice, but one thing that I loved is the BALLOON PURSE!! I absolutely adore that super cute find!!!

  2. Definitely a hit for all of your items you picked up, unique is always good.


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