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Where To Find The Southern Hospitality In Shreveport Louisiana

Image: Woman Posing For Pictures. Seen first on Bits and Babbles City Diaries
 Hello and good morning Y'all. It is no secret I am a good ole' southern country gal. No matter how I try to set my roots to the side for the city life. It becomes undeniable when I step foot back in my hometown of Shreveport, Louisiana. If you have never visited this city, you should definitely add this to your bucket list as the best place to visit for food and unbeatable hospitality. Therefore I am adding it to my list of City Diaries and things to do when visiting the area we call boot city.

Image: Best BarBQue In The City

First of all, I must admit there is no shortage of food floating around our small town. If big mama ain't cooking then you can bet your boots one car ride around the corner you will always find something cooking. From barbeque to the fish shack and even our local casinos have some of the best country cooking on the planet. I am not joking its finger licking good. I know I talk about food all the time but it brings our family and friends together for laughs, and that is how we country folk do it. One place that I love to stop is at Big D's not just for the ribs but for the music and his sweet loving conversation. Most Louisianans can relate to my next sentence. I can never walk into a restaurant and not meet the owners because they are front and center talking loud and greeting their customers as if they are family. You feel right at home eating outside in the swelting heat with the music blasting and the pit smoking right next to you. Ahhh home sweet home.

Image: Couple In Coffee Shop

Image : Friend meeting at coffee shop

Talk about Southern hospitality I love to grab coffee with my husband at Rhino coffee shop. This spot is cozy and sits right at the corner of Downtown Shreveport. Once again the local vibe was terrific I stood there laughing and talking with the owner as she made my brew. It was a down-home happy feeling. Not to mention I couldn't sit down because every step I was running into old friends and yall we country. Once I lock eyes on any childhood friend it is over. We yell and scream with joy, we sound like a pack of wild animals set loose for the first time in the wilderness. The funny thing about Shreveport is you do not have to no anyone because the locals hug strangers, speak and will offer their last. That is how you know the real folk from the visitors just follow the food and the laughter.
Image: Customer sharing monster apple

 I am a bonafide right sweet mouth, and I can not deny it if I tried. Another place to sightsee and eat is on the boardwalk. I always go for The Chocolate Crocodile Monster Apple. I go out of my way to catch the trolley so I can get dropped off right in the front of the place. Speaking of the trolley, you can get the best conversation with the conductor, especially if you sit close to the front. 

You can bet your shrimp and grits you will always find someone telling you and your family about the history of this city. So if you visit definitely grab that apple and a take a ride on the cart around the block.

Image: Tourist riding trolley

Image: Woman trying Yogurt for the first time

Image: Showing how to eat a Humphrey Yogurt

 When I want to cool down, I go for one of my hands down absolute favorites Counter Culture located in the center of Kings Highway. Seriously I come home, and I will not leave the city without getting a large Humphrey. There is no place like this place, and I mean all of that. So here's how I have them make mine.

With their famous sweet-tart yogurt
Fresh Bananas
Lots of Honey
The taste is unbelievable, and you will be addicted if you try it once. This is my favorite guilt-free dessert. 
Oh, and the smiles of joy the people have when making yours is the best feeling ever.

Image: Woman buying Folk art

Image: Visiting Bertha Harris Folk Art Gallery
When traveling Rico and I make it a point to find something local to buy. In my hometown, you will find plenty of gifted people, from hairstylist, music, dancers and a good artist in the city. Some people have been working on their dreams for decades and decided never to leave the deep roots they call home. Those are the people I look for to bless and support their vision by purchasing a piece of their work. This trip we decided to visit Bertha Harris Folk Art Gallery. I do not know how I missed this fantastic place as a child. Mrs. Bertha hand paints each piece of her work. She made it known to us she is original, and she is no copycat. There was so much history I could barely contain myself, so I brought The Women's March picture, and I can not wait to get back home to frame it. Once again the hospitality was more than a tourist could ask for and I am so thankful for the talk given during our visit. 
Image:Sightseeing In Shreveport Louisiana

Image: Sightseeing Abandoned buildings
One thing I can say about Shreveport is there is unmatched history all around. Just a quick ride around you will not be disappointed in the murals and the abandon buildings that still show where people once shopped and lived. It's almost eerie yet with a down-home feeling. 

Image: Building In Shreveport Louisiana Where Locals can be found Eating Seafood

Image:Eating Fish and Shrimp

Last but certainly not least, I can not leave the city without grabbing a pile of crispy fried catfish and shrimp from the local John's Seafood located on North Market. This has been my spot for over 20 years, and I will not leave until I get it to go. The taste has never changed, and I love the crispy ends on my fish. Y'all I know I talk about food a lot but at the end of the day we country folk love to eat. That's my story, and I am sticking to it.

There are so many more hidden gems in Shreveport, and I know the locals take advantage of it every day. But it sure feels good when we go home and can still enjoy good people, food, and hospitality.
At the end of the day, we are good ole' country folk:)

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xoxo Tangie


  1. oweeee this post mae my mouth water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love my Johns seafood! It is the best!

    1. I know right...Johns In Shreveport is a must stop for visitors.

  2. Wow 😋🍤🍖 that looks soooo good, nothing better than that good old southern cookin'

  3. Y'all look like yall had fun, there is truly nothing like Southern Hospitality

  4. I wanted to stop there on my way back from Houston but we didn't have time.
    I'll put Shreveport on my list of places to visit especially for the food.

    1. Yes, girl next time at least stop for the fish and shrimp. The one I go to is about five minutes off the free way downtown. And you can get straight back on the highway. Its right down the street from all the city casinos. And girl you know those casinos sit right at that bridge.:) lol bye ttyl


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