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5 Dumb Tips For Crushing Your End Of The Year Visions And Goals

Hey, Y'all happy Saturday! Can you believe we are already one week into the hottest month of the year and that is August? Do you have any plans ready or any ideas you just want to tackle? If so I am on the same boat as you. But, here's the deal we only have about 4 good strong months left in this year. Ans you know what that means we still have plenty of time to crush a few visions and goals.
Hey, Y'all, happy Saturday! Can you believe we are already one week into the hottest month of the year, and that is August? Do you have any plans ready or any ideas you want to tackle? If so, I am on the same boat as you. But, here's the deal we only have about four good active months left in this year. And you know what that means we still have plenty of time to crush a few visions and goals. 

So, if you are feeling overwhelmed, teary-eyed, and can't catch up with the people you watch on social media. Then you may want to chime in on my unproven dumb tips. You may be shocked at what I have to say. Just know the truth hurts, but later we all will be able to focus and get (ish) done by the end of December. 
First things first, I need to insert a disclaimer right here and now. I am not a psychiatrist, a preacher (although motivational speaking is apart of the vision, I do not judge like Judy, and I am not here to act like a Know it all. Although I have been through some things in life that have made me want to clock out or knock somebody out. And since I am a peaceful person, I chose to babble on my blog. 

Nonetheless, this post is coming from a few people asking how I keep going, and have I done all I wanted to do since getting up on my feet with my girls? At first, I thought it was spam until the other day, I was thinking about my past and almost started crying all over again. I solely believe in happiness because that has become my ultimate way of living now. 

But, I also know this little light I have did not come overnight. Side Note: True happiness is not based on where a person lives, what they drive, or where a person vacations. It begins when you (the person) can be happy where (You Are At This Moment In Time).

I am not going to waste time telling you fluffy stuff on this blog. Because sometimes we all need hardcore, explain it to me with no chaser tips and advice. Can I get one hand clap for truth?
Although being a chaser from time to time is excellent. Lol :) I am only kidding. (winks eye)
Nonetheless, when it comes to crushing visions and goals, the same method that is applied to happiness will work to finish an ultimate purpose.

Image: woman working on blog tips at desk wit tablet, phone timer and flower.My dumb tips come straight from spending 3 decades in Hard Knock University. That is the school where a person can spend a long time to learn about life the hard way. Instead of using the fundamental principles that life has already set aside.
My dumb tips come straight from spending three decades in a place I call Hard Knock University. That is the school where a person can spend a long time to learn about life the hard way. Instead of using the fundamental principles that life has already set aside. I chose to be bad ( you know what).

Oh, and I will not waste my time or yours blaming other people for my childhood struggles that I carried on into my adulthood.
Not to mention, I was giving plenty of opportunities to take the road less traveled to success, and I chose the weeds that cut my light-skinned butt every which way but loose. In other words, I traveled the rocky roads.

That's my story, but now I am moving forward. Most things I am doing now and accomplishing I should have done so a long time ago. 

But, hey, I am a firm believer it is never too late to start something over.
Side Note: Even If a person has to restart 100 times. 

Now ain't God good yall?
Ok, there are at least five things you can learn from me right now, some you may have already heard before. And, that is ok, but now you can get it fresh from me.

That is the street side truth; you may get something different from your professor or Uncle Earl. 
Depending on the situation, their side may be correct also, so listen if they tell you something different from my story.

  • Discovery: This may sound a little messy. But you will not be crushing any goals today, tomorrow, or by December if you do not discover what you want to do. Listen, I am telling the truth I have been changing my mind and wasting time for a long time back in the day. I remember one time I went and signed up for nursing school. First of all, I hate hospitals, and I couldn't keep up with the class. I hated going because that was not my vision, it was my friends, and they were doing super good. 
So, I thought hey I could go and make money in the medical field also. I knew deep down I was an artsy person who loves being a tattooed DIY Hairstyling entrepreneur. I am still paying back student loans for being on someone's discovery in life.

Not only did I waste years, I never finished the program. Can you see how I missed my calling by not knowing or doing my purpose?

The moral of the story is, find yourself first. Also, know this; it is ok to ask for help.  If you can't find it at home, ask someone who may be knowledgeable about what you are trying to do. For example, do not talk to a mechanic if you want to become an astronaut. I could be wrong, but I figure you may need to call NASA. I'm not sure, so do not listen to me when you are trying to find yourself. Get the point!

When I first started beauty school in my early thirties, I did not quit once because it was in me to do it. When I got frustrated with the work, my teacher Ms. Bryant would say this may be your last opportunity, and I believe in you Tangie.
Now get your butt back up on that stool and show me you can finger wave that mannequin hair. Wow, that's when I found myself and discovered my wild passion in life. 

  • Write Something Down: Ok, this is not tricky, but it can be if you try to jot down perfection. Forget the cute little journal; for now, just go and grab some paper and start putting down the things or things you want to knock out this year. Take five minutes to find a positive quote, metaphor, or scripture from the bible that will motivate, inspire, and encourage you to move toward the finishing point. I love standing on as my plan of hope and knowing. 

Habakkuk 2:2 
Write the vision
And make it understandable on tablets, That he may run who reads it,
For the vision is yet for an appointed time:
Though it tarries, wait for it:
Because it will surely come, It will not tarry.

I am not a bible scholar, but I have assurance in my prayer time with God even on the days I want to plum give up on life. Honey, if all you have is an idea, start making plans to execute them into full motion.
I love writing in a diary. But if all you have is your tears and a bill to jot on, do that.
The wait is over, and your beginning starts now. And to be frankly honest, I just finish my plans, and I will be taping them onto my pantry door on the inside. The reason being is because I go in there for snacks all the time, so every day, I will just read and remind myself of the possibilities that can and will happen. In Jesus's name.

What are you waiting for?

  • Shut down everything that's been compromising you reaching the finish line: I know this may sound a little harsh, but a quick detox from family friends and social media may help when it comes to setting up your new adventure. This is where a weekend or day sabbatical comes in to play. This does not require leaving home or going off to stay at a cabin in the woods.

Let's face it when you need clarity about something in your life; then, the outside noise has to take a back seat. Besides, everyone is not going to be happy or motivated by your sudden burst of new life changes.

Remember, we are in August, and each one of us has time to get a few things done. The moral of the story: is don't bank on me or anyone else to be jumping up and cheering you on. So get in a quiet place, move silently, quickly and swiftly.

By the time any of us see you let the vision be done.

Start Small: We all want to be great and significant at the thing we choose to do. In reality, baby steps are huge steps toward the goal. For example, going back to school requires registration, amongst other things. If you apply in August, depending on your schedule, you may start in January. But that doesn't mean you didn't meet the end goal, because, in reality, YOU did. The plan was set in motion, and You did it!

It's ok to focus on your ideas to make a life for you and your family better. I am not joking planning for school is a task in itself. But most people I know that is the goal they are going back for higher education.

  • Relax: At the end of the day, life is hard and slow as two turtles in a Kentucky Derby race. Everything takes patience and time. Although I am halfway in age, I still have time to get things done. Sometimes life is not fair, and that is a hard pill for many of us to swallow. I am ok with my life finally because I am in my lane. I do not have everything, nor am I doing all that I want to do. But, with a little planning, working, and waiting my turn, I now know things will turn around in my favor. I do not spend time blaming myself for not accomplishing this or that in a timely matter because I will forever say this phrase: As long as I live It Is Never Too Late To Start My Life Over!

There you have the dumbest tips ever for crushing your end of the Year Visions and Goals.

To Sum It Up: Get Up Move Your Butt and Make Something Happen In Your Life. In the words of Nike-Just Do It.

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

How Will You Be Crushing Things This Year?

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  1. Keeping the vision alive is a very important tip that’s help in life!! Love this post

  2. Good tips! I'm sure I'll be callng NASA soon because I am out of ideas at the moment! Ha! J/k


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