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A Few Beauty Pick Ups That I Am loving

Image: Woman shaping up her nail bed with clippers
Good morning Y'all. I hope today is off to a fantastic day for you and your family. I am doing my usual at-home mani and pedicure. 
Nonetheless, last week, I ran out to two of my local beauty supply stores, Sally's and Ulta, with a list of things only to veer off my list just a little. Yes, I got the stuff I needed, but I purchased a few other unique items, and I am glad I did. So, today, I will be sharing my beauty pick up's that have made their way to my love list. Let me know in the comments if you would have tried any of the beauty bits I've chosen? 
Lately, due to the summer heat, I try to keep my beauty items, amongst other things, to get only what I need. But, ladies yall know it never fails, you go into the store for one thing just to come out with ten new beauty bits to try. 

I am so guilty of doing that all the time, but on this trip, I only splurged on one extra thing, and I believe it was worth it.
Image: Products to do nail manicure: cotton balls, buffer, nail file, press on nails, clippers for nails

Image: Woman showing what she will be using on nails: glue and mirror press on nails

I am a big fan of doing my nails at home sometimes, and I absolutely love a good set of press on for my fingers. I intended to run into Sally's and grab my usual nail polish remover, buffer, cotton balls, and a mini manicure set. 
Yes, I found all those things, but before I could get to the front counter and pay for my purchases. My eyes locked in on a beautiful set of Chrome Nails by China Glaze. Who knew they made such a thing. I wasted no time picking them up, and it turned out to be one of my best purchases thus far.  If you go pick up a pack, please note: They were super easy to apply, but I did add a little 30-second glue although they were pre-jelled. 
So, far they are on tight, and I love these at the moment, and they look professionally done. If I had to rate my new press-on nails, I honestly I would give a ten they were so worth the splurge.
This was the weekend to do my own self-care, so if you are wondering, here is how I made my nails look salon perfect.

  • When I can not get to the nail bar, I love to remove my nail polish at home. Then I file buff and clean up my cuticles. SideNote: This method is super easy. I will soak and clean my own hands to remove any nail filings and color smudges in the nail bed coroners. Dry them and add my new press on's, and I am done. So far, I have had no problems.

Image: Woman showing off her new NYX photo primer

 My next stop was at Ulta Beauty Supply, where I had to pick up my favorite Studio Perfect Photo-Loving Primer. I know most people do not use a primer. But I will not lie; I cannot apply my makeup base without it. This stuff smooths my face out before applying any foundation. I can see a difference in the look of my make up with this product. 

My overall look is flawless and super smooth. The NYX primer is on the top of my list.
Image: Woman showing new mascara in haul on blog
 Can I say how much I am loving the Maybelline Great Lash Mascara? When I am not wearing eye extensions, this is my go-to when I want a natural look. My daughter started me wearing this brand because I noticed her lashes would look extended. So, I tried it once, and it has been on my radar every time I run out. 
Image: Woman purchasing new disposable makeup eye pads
 Lately, I have been having problems with my skin breaking out from time to time. A friend suggested I start trying disposable makeup applicators, especially when traveling or taking to work. I have to say that it has been the best thing ever told me. I do have and love all the regular brushes. But disposables are incredibly beneficial when moving around. My favorite things to grab are the Velour and Satin puffs. I do reuse several times before tossing out to the trash. 
Image: woman buying new eye shadow applicators
Another love is the applicators for the eyes. When I am on the road, I prefer taking these little babies. I keep plenty of these at home and at the salon. Yes, my eyeshadow goes on to perfection. Hands down, I love disposable makeup products. 

There you have it a few beauty pick up's that I am loving.

Have you tried any of the things on my list?

Which item above do you think is my absolute favorite?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. Those nails turned out really cute! Also, that mascara is the best one for sure! I have been using it since highschool and haven't used a different one since!

    1. So true and thank you. I really love that mascara when I am not wearing false lashes.

  2. Great read , those nails were on hot 🔥Fire! A nice metallic looking color


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