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Hey, Y'all I am kicking my week off to a great start so far. If you are reading this today, I am running errands so I can get back home to watch Young and The Restless at 11am. Yep, it's my day off, and I plan to continue a light workout with a deep dish bowl of
Hey, Y'all, I am kicking my week off to a great start so far. If you are reading this today, I am running errands so I can get back home to watch Young and The Restless at 11 am on CBS. I am not trying to be messy, but ladies, it is getting hot and juicy on the daytime stories, and I am showing up for the madness.
Yep, it's my day off, and I also plan to continue a light workout at the gym then top my afternoon off with a deep bowl of
greek yogurt, with blackberries, fresh-cut nutty coconut, bananas, sliced almonds with a tiny cup of black coffee,
I know I am trying to remove coffee, but I can't help it, and honestly, I need a little cream mixed in as we speak.

greek yogurt, with blackberries, fresh cut nutty coconut, bananas, sliced almonds with a tiny cup of black coffee,

Image: Bowl with yogurt, almonds, blackberries,almonds and honey blog:bits and babbles by tangie bell
I am not a big fan of eating all things healthy yet, but lately, I've been adding in a few days of eating the right stuff such as fruits, nuts, and different berries. And I must say I am feeling pretty good from the inside out.
The funny this is I am loving eating a little cleaner and drinking more water consistently. 
The older I am becoming, the more I feel I need to take better care of my inner body as well as my outer.
Do not get me wrong, I will still eat a donut, but this time I am not doing it for breakfast every day.  With my schedule, it is easy to grab a pastry and a fully loaded cup of joe. Now I am purposely buying things that are good for my body so on a cheat day I will be ok if I eat a cinnamon roll. 

After two weeks of eating fruits and vegetables, I am noticing my bowels are moving, and that was a struggle for me. I haven't gotten skinny or anything, but I feel my body is slightly changing. 

Not to mention I realize it is long overdue for me to be acting stubborn, I can not eat or do all the things I did in my twenties, it is a fact that I needed to take action concerning my eating habits and aging.
So, I encourage anyone who is slightly over the age of 30 to start reevaluating life because change will come. I now know change is not bad; I only need to do things a little different. 

Today is a mild stone for me, and it is worth celebrating. 

How is your day going so far? Leave me comments I want to know.

Until Next Time See Y aIn A Bit!

xo tangie

P.S. This recipe is excellent for breakfast, brunch, snack, and dinner. SideNote: Greek Yogurt is bitter, but it is better for the body. I highly suggest adding a dollop of honey on top of your yogurt bowl for a healthy yet light sweet taste. Also, go crazy, combine strawberries, granola, pecans, the mix-ins are endless.

No matter what you choose, remember to enjoy life along the way by any means necessary.

If you make this recipe let me know if you like it?


  1. I know this very well because good health leads to wealth! Staying motivated is a bit difficult at times but becomes easier to manage when we start to see results!

    P.s thanks for the recipe

    1. I agree and thank you. Hope you enjoy:)
      so spice it up!

      xo tangie

  2. Sometimes it's hard for me to eat a lot of yogurt but I do find that I love it so much more when I add all of the trimmings to the top as well! It just makes it taste so much better! Also, a dollop of honey goes a long way on anything! Yum!

  3. So true and I agree...thanks:)
    xo tangie


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