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DIY Wild Card Wednesday

A Surprise Do It Yourself Jewelry Episode
Hey, Y'all, welcome to the first DIY Wild Card Wednesday. You guys know I love cool accessories and jewelry. And I love sharing that corky side of me with you in this space. 
So, I am starting a series on Wednesday that will showcase my passion for making trinkets and things. Please be advised what you see may not be. That is the fun in it all; I love incorporating do it your self-jewelry into my somewhat basic everyday style. So come on in to see what wildcard DIY I made for this week.
I like simple, and I can not lie. Oh, but there will be some next-level stuff coming up on Wednesdays, and I am excited about that. I've decided to share the earrings I made for my daughter and me this week. 

 This DIY is one of the easiest at-home projects to make. All you will need:
Needle Nose
Several Little Chains
Premade Leather On A Cord
Velvet Pre-made Gold Cords
Leather Cord
Lay all pieces flat on a table, Cut the length of the chain and we are ready to start assembling our leather earrings.
Take the chain and link to each end of the cord and add an earring hook. I have pictures listed below in this post that you can easily recreate. 

You can also leave the chain off and add your hooks for a shorter and classic look. The possibilities are endless.
Side Note: I am a big fan of pre-made trinkets. When I  started making jewelry, the presets were my best friend.  If you plan to sell items,  then I recommend ordering in bulk to save money so you can make a lot of moolah.

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On my next project, I stumbled across the cutest little acorns, and I only needed one set. Tip: I never buy a lot if I am using it for my benefit.

Once again, use the velvet cord to attach each piece of jewelry. Side Note: Another benefit to the pre-made is there usually are only two to three things needed to connect them. Which, in return, gives you as the designer a beautiful piece of jewelry that is different from anyone you know in person.

In conclusion: All items purchased by me. I got everything from my local craft store. If you want to see other DIY posts, please click here and enjoy 

Until Next See See Ya In A Bit!

xo tangie

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  1. I love how these DIY's are easy and very cute! Now you know I've got my eyes on those brown ones because those are so my style!!!

    1. lol thanks:) I loved them also but someone already took them:)
      xo tangie

  2. Easy, quick and sassy are my favorite words !! And that's the feel I get when I see your DIY's

  3. Love your style!!


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