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Get Layered:The Basic Girl DIY Necklace

Image) Today is wild card DIY Wednesday. I will be sharing how to make layered necklaces
Wow, we are already moving super fast in August.  I spent the last week getting my girls all prepped for school. They are excited, and so am I. Hopefully, on my days off,, I will have more time to work on my hobbies. Nonetheless, today is another Wild Card DIY Wednesday. Today it's all about the layered necklaces. 

Who doesn't love layered necklaces, I know I do. The best part is I can wear two, three, or more chains. As long as the lengths are different, for example, 18 in, 20, and 22 inches would make a perfect layered look. The styles are also endless, pearls, gold, silver,  they come with or without designs. 

I prefer lots of bells and whistles to my look, and I love the longer style. Today I am showing a quick DIY I will be wearing this weekend, and I used the pre-set necklaces from Joann's craft store. Side Note: Already made accessories will save you lots of money, and you can add your own charm. 

It is easy to do, but seeing it is better than saying it. Besides, I love making something different, and grabbing a pre-done chain is the best way to go for a beginner in the making jewelry.

Image: All the items used to make the necklaces for wild Card DIY Wednesday

Step one, I pick out all the pieces I want to use. The pear, gold, rosary, and big ball chain were my choices.

Image: Adding charms to necklace on the blog Bits and Babbles

Who knew I would find such beautiful pieces from Joann's, which mainly sells fabrics. The charm I've chosen was a pearl crescent moon, and I fell in love the moment I saw it.

Image: Woman showing the completed style of the DIY necklace
With my flat nose jewelry pliers, I opened the already attached jumped ring and added it to my necklace. In a few minutes, I was done.
Image: Woman wearing the necklace to show end results . How to style it
The end results are just gorgeous, and this new piece will definitely be worn many times.

Image The complete look of each necklace laid on marble slab

There you have it, another quick DIY.

Would you wear any of the necklaces together? Let me know in the comments below.

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. Of course I would wear those pieces together! It looks absolutely amazing! They are so flowy and elegant looking , what a simple easy DIY

    Love ur content btw

    1. Hey thank you so much I appreciate the kind words:)
      xo tangie


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