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My Southern Gumbo Recipe: That Is Family Approved

Image: The result of gumbo in the kitchen

I know we are not in the winter season as of yet, but it is never to early or late to have a big ole' bowl of three meat Gumbo. And I have a quick recipe that will have you and your family enjoy the taste of New Orleans right at the dinner table.

One thing I love to do is cook and eat all types of soul food. So, today, I will be sharing my secret to a super easy Gumbo recipe that can be made right at home. And the best part is this recipe will definitely be approved by your family and friends. (Only if you want to invite and share with them) :)

Almost every Sunday, shrimp, sausage, and chicken tossed in the pot has become one of my go-to meals for my family and me. Being from Louisiana, and now I am living in Texas. I have limited access to the cajun foods I've grown to love as a child.
 The funny thing is real Gumbo has a roux base that only the down south Louisianans know how to make. After moving to Texas, I could never master the real authentic flavor of the traditional meal most people look at as a meaty soup.
I searched high and low looking for a restaurant in Dallas that at least makes their version of my home rooted southern comfort food. Ultimately, I had no luck at all, so I did the next best thing.
While shopping for groceries one day, I stumbled across a mix that read the gumbo base. I wasn't sure what base to pick up, but I knew it looked close enough for me to try at least making soup with meat in it.

Image:The base used to make homemade Gumbo

Besides, I was willing to test anything out so that I could enjoy a little of my southern home roots. 

Image: The meats used to make gumbo. Shrimp, Chicken, Sausage and Yellow Rice
One thing I do know is Gumbo can be packed with lots of meat depending on one's taste buds. Now the real cajun folk will argue everything can go into one pot except the kitchen sink.
Oh, the stories I've heard about this recipe as a child.
Image:All the meats and sauce in the pot to cook and complete the Gumbo
But, hey, I am not about to be adding gator and possibly snake meat. (Now not today, so I am opting to try something quickly. It took me two tries to make it myself to achieve the perfect balance of ingredients and taste. 

Although I could've added a mix of meats, tomatoes, and okra with a red sauce. I chose to toss in shrimp, chicken, and smoked sausage with the thicker brown sauce. 
Image: The end results and eating of Gumbo

How To Make:
Follow directions on the package because the base of the gumbo is the central part that sets the taste in motion. 
Bring sauce to a full boil before adding next step
Choose the meats or use veggies only. Side note: I precook my chicken, sausage. I add the shrimp at the end
Homemade roux takes a long time to make, but this recipe can be quick to make at home.
Once everything is complete, I prefer to serve over yellow rice with crackers or a pan of sweet cornbread.

In conclusion: Although I am trying to add a few days of eating healthier and less. I can never give up my Sunday soul food day with my family. Besides, food and laughter are what keeps and bring families together, at least in my home. I may not make my gumbo as my grandma used too, but this instant recipe is undoubtedly family approved by my loved ones.
 And at the end of the day, that is what life is all about family, food and lots 
Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!
xo tangie

All Needed
Base Package: Can be found at Wal-Mart and most grocery stores.
Crackers or Corn Bread
And Family

Please Note: This recipe makes a lot in one pot! So, enjoy


  1. Good gumbo will make you fall in love with anyone around the world! It's def a southern gal's oldest trick in the book! Ha! Gone ahead and make us some this weekend!

    1. Ha Ha Sunday as usual...Y'all never get tired:)

  2. Now that looks delicious 😋I'm just wondering if there was invite list so that I could apply lol


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