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My New Floral Dress And Book Store Ramblings

Image: Woman showing off new floral dress, shoes and handbag for bits and babbles blog
Oh, hey, Y'all, so glad you could join me today. I am feeling super happy because my girls are about to start school. And you know what that means I can sleep one extra minute before I have to head off to work evet day. 
That will be amazing if it happens. :)
Also, have you guys noticed I have been playing around with prints all summer long. 
For those of you who have been following me for a while, do you remember when my hair was blonde I wore a lot of black, even in the summertime?  Oh, how I miss my color. Do you think I should go back blonde?
So, this year, when I colored my hair black and added a few extensions, I also changed my style of clothing up a bit. Yes, I have been wearing all types of colors and cyclone materials for most of the year. Surprisingly the floral print has made its way to my closet a few times this hot season. 

Image: Woman reading book showing off the full detail of floral dress.

About three weeks ago, I bought several little-printed dresses in which two came from H&M. The funny thing is I planned to wear them as a quick slip on and off type of outfit. Unbeknownst to me, I am somewhat vibing with the flower style. I do realize I am not wearing something that would stop traffic or get me famous on Instagram. 
But, I am a regular gal who only wanted to dress up and rummage through the bookstore with a few friends. So my new floral dress was perfect for that occasion, in which I paired with my black Tom shoes and a little black Aeropastle handbag.
Image: Woman rummaging through books and CD's at bookstore looking for new stuff.
Besides, I was super comfortable, and I also spent the next 4 hours reading books and going through CD's listening to little old school music.
Image: DVD's and CD's of jazz at a local bookstore.

I actually should have worn flat shoes because I was in the bookstore for a while. When I was younger, hanging around books was not a favorite activity. 
WOW look at how times have changed, I now use the nooks and corners of libraries to hang and chat with family or friends.
Image: Woman talking and reading at the bookstore. Blog post on bits and babbles
Now I can almost fade into each thing I pick up. I am finding new things to see and do every day. The moral of this story is: I started to stay at home and maybe do chores, watch Young and The Restless. Probably not take a bath until 6 pm and by 8 pm start feeling sad because I wasted a beautiful day of doing nothing at home. 
Image:Woman on step stool looking through books and other things at the store. Blog post on Bits and Babbles
I am not joking; that was the plan. 
But, instead I called my friend, and we met for a little gossip and shuffling through the life of Tupac and some books that I have never seen before in my life.
Since I was going nowhere fancy, I wanted to dress comfy,  so I jumped into my shower, slipped on my dress, and in five minutes I was out the door. 

The moment the sun hit my skin, I felt super happy. I was laughing all the way down the freeway and singing in the car because I didn't care about the dishes nor the fact I didn't make up my bed before leaving home. And Gosh Darn It I Felt Good. (insert googly eyes right here)

Life is about living in the moment, and at the end of the day, I can leave my house dirty because I know I can always clean it up tomorrow or the next day. 

Lol :) Seriously, I am not joking!

In conclusion: I am so excited to show you guys my cute baggy dress. But at the end of the day, this story not about my outfit. It was about a new floral dress that was convenient enough to slip on and leave my house by trying to put on layers of different clothing. Today was about getting out and going all the junk behind because I could deal with it later.

Today was also about me using my one day off to do something other than wash and clean. Today was about me feeling alive and finding my happy medium. (wink, wink).

If you have been following my journey, you know that my story and I am sticking to it. As I age in this life, I realize it's not enough for me to want happiness, I have to get up, get out, and create a happy life I wish to live. 

Side Note: Happiness is not always doing something big. Most times, it is about getting up and doing something a little different. 

I hope you guys love my floral dress as much as I do?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo tangie

 P.S.  When I got home, the girls had done all the chores, including my laundry. So today was a good day:)

Outfit Deets:
Shoes by Toms
Dress from H&M in size Large
The handbag is From Aeropastle: But I borrowed the purse from Shacarey Martin


  1. Now you know I am feeling that floral dress! It's so cute and summery! Everybody loves those summer time prints! And I'm glad you looked cute with my bag but I'm ready for it to be returned to me!! Ha!

    1. lololol you are so funny:) Thank you...I cant find my new one:)
      xo tangie

  2. You look absolutely STUNNING in that outfit! Those dress colors/patterns paired with your shoes looks amazing!


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