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Old Shoes That Changed My Mood

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Making Room For A New Attitude Chat
When I buy shoes, I am often in a particular mood, or it may be an impulse buy. Either way, I have some feeling or feelings attached when I make a purchase of any kind.

And for the most part, I never throw them away. Most times, I donate, but it is always during a season of purging. It may seem a bit odd for a conversation between us today on this blog. But, I have to share this with you guys if I can be a little honest. 

Image: Woman making room for new shoes
A few weeks ago, I got rid of something I knew needed to go because things were too little, too big, or I never wore them at all, so cutting ties was inevitable. Now I am at it again, looking in my closet at all the shoes I have collected, and I know I need to make room for something that feels nice and new. 

So, I sat down on the floor, feeling nervous, and I did not know why. 
It's only shoes I said to myself, and they are meant to be changed out from time to time. I spent three hours shuffling my heels, to one side of the floor, then my boots to another party. 
 Until I realized I took nothing out, not to mention, I was feeling anxious, which caused me to have a mild anxiety attack. 
Then all of a sudden, I couldn't remember why I was even in my closet or was I in denial that I needed to declutter and overhaul some old things.

Image: Woman clearing out old shoes to purchase new ones
After a few moments and one cup of tea, I sat down and pondered for a minute. Then it hit me again I am emotionally attached to shoes even though I came to my room to gather them up to give to donations.
Side Note: When I have things that bother me, I am learning to sit still, breathe, and talk back to myself. It sounds crazy, but it works for me. I was fine until I came to toss out something. So it was at that moment I was triggered. Ultimately I had to sit down until I could figure out why I was hyperventilating. 

Each set of shoes I pulled from the closet, I was finding reasons why I should keep them that had no merit at all. Two pairs were not my style anymore, and they have been in the closet for months. One pair hurts my big toe when I walk in them, and the other pair looks plum stupid on my feet. And I knew all of this when I decided to elevate them from my life.

What I can and will say after a few chats with myself. I realized I was afraid to start over, and the shoes were symbolic of that. It represents my ownership, and I was scared to let go, although I needed too. I am not a doctor, and I can not analyze anyone else. 

But, I have come to a place where I can sit down and take a pause in life for a moment. Sometimes the smallest things can cause me to get sad or feel crappy about my day. In reality, it has always been something I am holding onto; No matter what the reason is my ultimate goal is to find a quick solution so I can move forward in life,
Image : Old news leaving for new ones on blogpost

I sat down and talked my self-happy as I was cleaning out my closet. Because I knew I was making room for something new to come into my life, and what is old to me will be unique to someone else. 

Image: Donating old shoes for new ones
I kept moving around my closet until my mood changed. Honestly, I felt much better when I boxed up everything and sent it out the door. 

In Conclusion: It was not the shoes that caused my anxiety to flare up but instead the departing from something I wanted to hoard and not let go. When I started setting things out to give away suddenly, I started feeling sad and emotional. To those of you who can relate, I am here to say it healthy, and we are ok. I am learning new things about myself every day, and I am learning to deal with those things that are out of my control.

Tossing out the items that could not fit into my life anymore, really was the best thing for me to do. When I went into my closet the other day, I felt free and unbothered. Deep down, I knew I needed to take that purge, besides I made room for a few new pairs of shoes. And Yes, I am happy about that.

I know most people love reading a blog post that is all good and gooey. I also do, but let's face it things are happening in real life and to real people. Bits and Babbles is a place of transparency and becoming a whole and happy woman at any age. 
Yes, I should have it all together, but the truth is I don't, even with my life being stable. 
I am in a constant battle to stay upbeat even when I want to cry just because the wind blows to the south instead of the north, or the bluebirds are singing a happy song. That is my reality, and That is real talk! 

Today I feel free.

What has changed your mood for the better?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

Orange Shoes- I bought from G by Guess.

Black Pair- Target

Brown Ones- Target

Open Toes- Black Ross



  1. Im a true hoarder when it comes to shoes 💯 and after seeing this it's time for me to invest in new ones and get rid of the ones that are worn out, thank you

    1. Most people do not realize hoarding is real and its hard to let go of something no matter what it is. Thanks for commenting.
      xo tangie

  2. It’s good to see that you were able to push through and release them! Trust me I know how hard it can be at times

  3. Such a truthful post! I think we all hold on to things that we eventually need to let go of! It's good that you were able to finally clear your closet space and your head space!

  4. I love your post, so many I can relate to! I am currently going through my closet to rid of clothes and shoes and it sure is a task! It’s not easy but it does feel so much better after you have completed thr tasks. I have lots of shoes and clothes and while going through them I am like I only wore this once and this I never wore.. it has been an eye opener for me. I am like I need to wear my stuff more and quit wasting money

    1. I agree it is a task and I was removing and putting back...but I am glad I got rid of the things that needed to go. Good luck with your clear out. You will soon have room for new stuff. have a good weekend!

      xo tangie


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