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Playing In Teen Clothes And Laughing Out Loud

Image: Woman trying on teen clothing.At this point in my life, I am doing and wearing what makes me laugh out loud at myself. Have you ever went into the store looking for a sale only to find yourself trying on teen clothes? Well here is your chance to judge the heck out of me. Seen first on Bits and Babbles Blog
Dressing Room Try on outfits with a little laughter!

At this point in my life, I am doing and wearing what makes me laugh out loud at myself. Have you ever went into the store looking for a sale only to find yourself trying on teen clothes? Well here is your chance to judge the heck out of me. 

As I approach my birthday in the coming days. I have been scratching a few things off my bucket list, starting with the fact I am the captain of my own happiness.

And before I turn another year younger (lol), I have decided to live an intentional life full of joy and laughter by any means necessary. 

Image: Woman sharing laughter while looking in the mirror at her outfits.

I woke up on this morning thinking to myself, life is already hard why am I not being in the present moment every day I wake up? 
What can I do to keep a smile on my face and others that come in contact with me? 

What can I do to eliminate one day of fear, sadness, and craziness that plagues the world? 

In other words, I need to get over myself and grab life by the horns and make being happy a priority.  So, far, I have been on that train propelling forward, and it feels good to share that with you guys in today's blog post.

Moving forward last week, I took my girls ( Carey and Kamoriae) shopping for a few last-minute clothing items that they wanted to buy. It was taking them so long I started browsing the store and spotted a few sales were going on. No joke the items that were five dollars and under. My intentions were not to buy myself anything, besides we were in H & Mwere most of the clothing is for smaller teeny boppers. :)

I mean no offense they have a few dresses a grown woman of a certain age can rock. But, I stumbled over to the section where my girls were hanging out.

I grabbed myself a few pieces and went into the dressing room. The first set of clothing I tried on was a Justin Beiber T-Shirt and a big orange balloon skirt.

At first, I looked in the mirror and immediately told myself I look ugly, and this outfit is not cool. But, all of a sudden I started laughing at myself and I couldn't stop it. I almost starting crying., because it was at that moment I knew I was acting dramatic. 
So, I stepped out of the dressing room to show my daughters what I was trying on.
So, I wouldn't feel so bad trying to look believable. I was greeted by two moms who were waiting for their daughter in the hallway. One lady said she loved the bright orange skirt paired with the black t-shirt. 

We started talking about other things that can go with it, such as a black leather jacket, long black boots. That would make a perfect concert outfit. I can also see putting on a layer of pearl and chain necklaces with a few bangles to add a chic rocker look.  Oh yes, I was feeling fancy about myself at that moment.

Image: Woman showing off outfit with pink details. Off the shoulder dress.

Image: Woman posing in outfit before buying.
So, you know I had to try on a few more cold shoulder dresses. I spent the next hour trying on stuff and twirling in the mirror. Honestly, it was a confidence booster, and I was enjoying every minute of trying on cute clothes from the sales rack section. 
Honestly, I found a lot that made me look and feel rather fancy, and I bought it all because I felt happy when I walked out of that room.

After purchasing my items, I ran back into those same two women from earlier when I was trying on my clothes. They were getting a couple of those cold shoulder dresses. 

They both confessed they never saw the vision or the look until they saw the pink dress on me. Both women were going to another store to find outfits for their family vacation to Florida. After seeing how cute and comfortable, the dress looked on me they both decided it would be perfect for those hot days that are left in this summer.

Who knew all they needed was a slip-on dress and some sandals or possibly a pair of comfy tennis shoes. And Viola you could be stylish and comfy while sipping mojitos at the beach.

In conclusion: This was a story about me finding and loving me. I am not trying to be a model, but I do want to wear cute and comfy clothes. Although I was in the teen section of the store, I turned my wait into a fun and laughable moment. Yes, I did buy the Beiber Shirt and orange skirt for the fall.

I am doing my style my way and laughing it up daily.

There you have it my day playing in teen clothing and having fun doing it:)

What have you laughed at today?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

P.S. Find things that bring you real joy and laughter and any negative thoughts move it to the back burner of your life. Yes, it is that simple to clear your plate.

Outfit Deets
All Clothes I Bought From H&M
Shoes-Rihanna Fenty  Bandana Leather Creeper Flats -Neiman Marcus


  1. Style is about what makes you happy! I would have rocked both those outfits!

  2. Loved both of your outfits! Embrace with you live and makes you happy! The world will join in!


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