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Weekend Bits And Favorites

Image: Sharing another after Friday weekend of bits and bobs to do with family that will be a long time favorite
A Little Bit Of Everything And A Few Must Do Ideas

Oh wow, where has the weekend gone it seems as if I just left work. My two day Saturday and Sunday went away quicker than Superman chasing a speeding bullet. I know that was cheesy, but I have a few bits and favorites to share that you may find interesting to try by the ends of this week.
This mama is always trying to find something for my family to do that is cost effective. When I do, It is all in fun, movies and lots of eating by spending less money as possible. You know ya girl loves a  budget-friendly idea.
And I am always looking for a way to relax, and this Saturday and Sunday was on my radar to do just that.

Image: Woman sharing cupcakes from Sprinkles in her list of favorites

Image: Two girls helping mom in the kitchen with cupcakes by eating them before dinner. A few favorites being showed

I intended to bake a cake so we could have ice-cream and a good movie. Instead, but instead, I stopped and picked up ice-cream and hit the on-demand button for a good family flick.
It was fun having the girls all gathered together in the kitchen helping with unboxing the donuts. Although Moriah decided to lick a few sprinkles, luckily that one was hers. 

Image: Another bit of favorites is showing how to have a family taco night over the weekend. Here are all the ingredients

I wanted to cook something fun and quick, so I went for Saturday being taco night.
We had soft and crunchy shells with our side dishes being roasted fire corn and refried beans. 

Image: Woman showing complete mean in front of movie night. Another favorite that is family pleasing

Image: Family watches Goosebumps movie on TV for a family favorite night. This was taken at home and written for Bits and Babbles blog by Tangie Bell

To make our two days together we settled in on the sofa and floor to watch Goosebumps the movie. I can not express how much I enjoyed watching all of R.L Stine characters come to life. It was funny with a twist of humor and cuteness. All I will say is Slappy the dummy is a terror of a mess, and I mean that in a sarcastic way. 

The following morning was all about church and more leftovers.  Later on that evening Rico and I went out on the porch where we enjoyed a big ole' bowl of ice cream from our favorite place Braum's ice creamery. If you live in Texas, you know where to find this sweet madness. We sat down to chat for about three hours before calling it a night.

Image: Woman and Man Having quiet time outside and enjoying bits of laughter and ice-cream

Image:Woman showing and sharing favorite ice cream from Braum's  Ice Creamery

Last, but not least when everyone went to bed I caught up on my paperwork. 
But, not before I had a cup of dessert vanilla bean macaron tea by Tazo. My daughter Carey started me to drinking this yummy and creamy stuff. To be honest, I have been addicted ever since the first sip. I found this flavor from the Super Target. So, if you want to try it, go there first.

Image: Woman sharing one of her favorite bits to do is relax on the weekend with a big hot cup of Vanilla Bean Macaron dessert delights by Tazo. It is the best thing ever and it was a must add into my weekend bits and favorites.

Well, that about sums up my weekend bits and favorites.

It was all about family, food and lots of sweet times together. To me, that is what life is all about teaching our girls how to enjoy a slow comfortable no-fuss lifestyle. We do not always have to be out doings and goings, some of the best times are at home relaxing with the ones you love.

How was your weekend?

Also here is my family night idea!
Make Tacos
All you will need is soft or crunchy shells; maybe chips can be optional.
Ground beef, chicken, shrimp ( All these are choice options)
Seasonings of choice
onions and bell peppers
sour cream
picante sauce
and lots of family fun

Choose a good free movie 
get blankets and camp in the living room

Desert- Bake something or buy
We had cupcakes from Sprinkles in Dallas, Texas

For a little-grown folk Time
Sit outside and get to know each other all over again

For a little Me time
Make tea
Read a book but do all this when everyone goes to bed.

There you have it my bits for this coming weekend.

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie



  2. Such wonderful no fuss ideas! Family is everything, I admire the time you put in to plan things for your family, hubby time and last but not least me time!

    1. Thank you and if you try those teas let me know which one? The dessert ones are so good:)

  3. The tea sounds good I am going to try it TFS

  4. Looks like a very relaxing weekend.

  5. Yes it was. Have a good day!
    xo tangie


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