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Finding WorkOut Gear That Fits My Pear Shaped Body: The Struggle Was Real

Image: woman shopping for workout gearL Sometimes I shop
A Little Shopping And Real Life Try-On
Yes, sometimes I shop and buy workout gear.:)

Sometimes I have to face the music; my body just doesn't look the way it used too back in the day. But, hey, that is ok because I am rolling with what I have now. Since starting a light workout regimen lately, I've realized I needed and wanted a few cute workout pieces to wear when in the gym or out walking in my community. So, I hit several stores in search of the perfect fit of my pear-shaped body; let's just say the struggle was real, and the truth really hurts sometimes.
Honestly, I thought shopping for gym apparel was going to be super easy and affordable. Ha, it took me all day and several stores later. In the midst of it all, I almost lost faith in this whole, getting my body weight under control.
When I first added this journey to my lifestyle, I only wore a  sauna suit to workout in with my husband. I soon became self-conscious about my look, not to mention I was super hot wearing that outfit in this 100 degree Texas weather. Nonetheless, I wanted to invest in a few cute pieces that would boost my ego a little bit. Just being honest :).
Side Note: It is my personal opinion, but I feel good when I wear gym gear. Putting on mix-matched clothing makes me feel frumpy and unmotivated. So, I wanted to find something that would complement the different portions of my body. 
Image: All the workout gear a woman tried on tossed on chair
I started with the Mall because I knew I was going to find that perfect fit and style quickly. After going to JCPenney and Dillard's, I barely could fit anything, and nothing I tried on made me feel good about my body. I will get to those details in a minute.
So, I tried Old Navy, and once again, I found nothing that screamed curvy grown woman wear. After several hours and going into many stores, I was getting overwhelmed and frustrated with this shopping day. I knew what I wanted my body to look like in my athleisure wear, but I just could not find the style that I was comfortable wearing.

Here are a few things that made me almost give up on finding what I wanted.
  • Everything I tried on was fitted and made my body look Humpty and Dumpty. I felt as if I needed an already fit body to wear most of the clothing I tried on. Starting with the bottoms first. Every pair I tried on were tight, and my booty looked like I've had a few lousy butt injections. Not to mention, I hated the colors and styles of everything I tried on. I am a tall woman; I am more confident in longer loose-fitting clothing. It covers my body and makes me look more pulled together. The shorter tight-fitting clothing shows off the parts I want to work on, and I did not feel confident in the way I was looking at all.
  • The tops were worse; I did find some cute monogram ones, but the lengths were not flattering on me. My torso is long, so I prefer longer tops on my body. Also, most of the gear I found were crop body tops, and I felt my body needed to already be in top shape to wear some of the things I saw to try on. 

Image Store mannequins wearing workout clothes

  • The struggle was really daunting because it took a long time to find something that was not to snug on my hips and not too revealing in the midriff. Also, I was looking for a material that could hold my body in place without too much reveal, and I did not want tight fitted clothing at all.

After several attempts, I finally found one store that made me jump up and down, do a few stretches and break out a happy smile. My last stop was at Target, and it should have been my first stop. Who knew I would walk right in and find the outfit that made me want to workout and go into the grocery store without looking like a stuffed potato.

Image: Woman trying on workout gear in mirror
I went straight to the Champion collect, and the sizes were on point, the look and feel were what I spent all day searching for.
Image: Woman stretching in workout clothes
My confidence lever instantly went up I did a little movement test, and nothing crawled up my back or buttock The pants, and top stayed put on my body.
Image: Woman showing off workout clothing
The blouse was comfortable and long, and I did not have to tug on it or pull it down. When I am on the treadmill, I do not like to pull or reposition my clothing, and that was always a struggle of mine. The pants were made for me because the length hit the floor, and the comfort level was absolutely fantastic.

Image: Woman trying on more gym clothing

Image: Woman exercising in workout clothing
I tried on a few other colors and styles by Champion that were nice on me also, but in the end, I chose the all-black ser. I was super happy, so I bought two of them. 

In Conclusion: Finding what fits and makes any woman happy is always a struggle. It is one I can relate to myself. This was an honest bare it all thing for me to do. Because I am good at layering my body in my clothing. With the right undergarments, I can look snatched in and well put together, But, now I am in a place in my life where I want to be free and move my body instead of hiding it. This is a journey of movement rather than losing weight. If I miss a pound or two, I will be happy, but I prefer gaining a healthy mind, body, and spirit. I am older now, and I want to keep my body moving, and I know I need to better take care of my outer body. 
I have a pear-shaped body, and honestly, I am cool with that. So, if you are reading today's post, join me in living better and taking care of the different shapes and sizes, we are all blessed to have.

If you want more of my journey, let me know in the comment section. 

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. Glad you found some choices that fit you and make you happy

  2. I can relate to this so much! I think finding workout clothes for women can sometimes be daunting because it's hard to find things that will make you feel confident! No one ever talks about that but I'm glad you did!

    1. So true was so hard finding something that complimented my body and made me feel comfortable. Thanks

  3. Getting that work in to stay healthy is a good thing! Keep up the good work, this is motivation


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