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Summer Has Been My Worst Style Season, But I Have New Fall Intentions

Image: Woman standing in front of pink car showing off her summer dress.

 I know I am not the only one who is ready to say Good-BYE to summer? 
Image: Mother and daughter showing off their matching summer dresses. Seen first on bits and babbles
Seriously I can not believe we are getting close to the end of 100-degree weather and back sweat. Not to mention, I am ready to relinquish the hot and flashy sweats I get in the middle of the night. Oh, and the clearance rack clothes I wore all summer with a smitten of regrets. Yes, I am going to admit it now; my summer choices were a little off the scale.

A few of my excuses are I found it on sale, and the other one was I want to be comfortable by wearing less clothing. Besides, I lost a few pounds, and I figured dressing a bit more laid back was ok. Until I started cleaning out my closet again and looking at a few old pictures of my outfit choices. 
Image: Mon and daughter showing summer dress ideas and discussing their worst style season

Yes, I am cringing a bit because I wore short dresses this entire hot season. Yes, I was quite comfy. But I also think I lost my own style in a sense. Now my outfit choices weren't awful because most of the time, I was a twin with my daughter. How in the world did that happen? I'll tell you every time we went shopping and saw a sale we both grabbed all the pieces. 
Image woman and daughter posing in front of building discussing their fall wardrobe intentions
What was I thinking of dressing up as my daughter? Yes, this pink dress was only 4 dollars at H&M, but why was I really in it. The funny thing is I got every color, the black, pink, orange, grey, and a flower print.  
I recently talked about trying on teen's clothing, and it was fun. But now that I look at my end of summer clothing. I can clearly see how I could have done better in the mature section, even if it was hot outside.
Although I love my daughter's style, what's on sale in her section of clothing may not be for me.
Image: Woman telling daughter about fall clothing and where ttfitsouo find the best
I am not tossing away all of my summer cold shoulder dresses, but I will be making a few adjustments to my fall wear.
I wanted to loosen up a bit this summer in my clothing choices, and I did, and it was fun. Now I want to see what my fall will consist of.
One thing I will say I am glad I am not a fashion person because staying on-trend and what's in is annoying to me. I can barely stay up with whats age-acceptable without looking like a teenybopper. Besides, my style changes like the movie gone with the wind.

Moving Forward My Fall Intentions:

I want to wear light layers, and I will style those later. It is way too hot at this moment, even if it is for a blog post.

My focus is on the colors yellow, orange, grey, and of course, my favorite black is coming back.

Boots: Low quarters, rocker, and a little cowgirl bootie. I do live in Texas, and that is a must for me.

Scarves will be a must, mostly solid styles with a few leopard print ones.

Accessories will consist of bangles, and lots of neck banging will be returning. Such as pearls, chains that will be long and short.

Depending on the weather, I will be wearing leggings and/or tights.

I plan to wear items that can be styled in many different ways.

Those are my Fall Intentions. Although summer is still here, I am ready to officially say good-bye so I can start this all over again.

In conclusion: As I age, I am making my life fun and laughable. My summer choices weren't all bad because I took chances and wore things that were out of my ordinary routine. But who cares when a woman hits a certain age in life nothing should ever be average. I say live a little, live a lot, but definitely live out loud. Oh, and dress the way you want by any means necessary.

What are your fall intentions?

Did you like every outfit you've worn this summer?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo tangie

Outfit Deets: Most of my cold shoulder dresses came from H&M
Yes, they still have them there, depending on your location. They are cute and comfortable, but I am over the summery flowers and prints. So come on Fall:)


  1. I think I did alright this summer w/ my go to outfits! My outfits consisted of Basics so there wasn’t really any disappointments!!

    1. That is good. But I am gearing up as we speak. lol jk

      xo tangie

  2. You and your daughter are #Goals! You two twinning together was cute, y’all look like sisters

    1. awwww thank you for this compliment. Have a good weekend.P.S I am the youngest:)
      xo tangie

  3. Yall are so cute. I'm over summer as well. The heat and humidity in Mississippi is unbearable. My fall list consist if another camo and denim jacket. My daughter took those. I'm thinking about purchasing black riding boots, too. I'm concentrating on lightweight and layering items because lm starting to have private summers aka hot flashes.

  4. I agree with you and this heat. I am over it. But you have some good fall ideas.
    xo tangie


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