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What I Hate About Midlife Or Getting Old In General

Midlife Bits: Image Of Woman Sharing On The Blog The Things She Hate About Aging. It is Motivational, Inspiring amd Talk Worthy. When I was younger, I knew I would get old one day. But, I never knew what aging really detailed until now, and it is a scary place to be at this moment. This is a story about being in midlife and the things I hate about aging in general. Let the discussion begin. Shared First On Bits and Babbles Blog
A Little Morning Midlife Bits

When I was younger, I knew I would get old one day. But, I never knew what aging really detailed until now, and it is a scary place to be at this moment. This is a story about being in midlife and the things I hate about aging in general. Let the discussion begin.
When I think of getting older, I think of having a will and the best health care. Although those things are a must-have. There are a few other things in life no one at my age was prepared for or talk about. 

Image: Woman sharing how she came a long way from not having it together to getting it together. Read first on Bits and Babbles Blog. Midlife Bits

I know most people will think a middle-aged woman or men should have it all together. But I've said this a thousand times before. We will never have it all together, and there will always be room for learning something new every day. 
But, today I am not discussing the insecurities of life, but more of the scary and funky parts of that I wish would go away.

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As a child, I learned at an early age how to dress myself and pick out my own clothes. When I became a teenager, my struggle was all about boys and looking cute for school. ( If only I'd paid more attention to my future in my teen years) but hey it is never too late to get your life and mind on track.

I am a realist, and in my family, we never talked about getting old or life over the hill unless someone died. Neither did I get a rulebook on what happens to a woman at a certain age.  So, I wasn't preparing myself for the next phase in my life that we all will cross one day. 

I know people talk about it now, but I missed that era in my life. I am used to living in the moment, and as a woman over forty that is not cool, nor is it wise to do.

I know this may be a risky conversation, but I am an honest woman who will admit life over the hill can be a place of confusion and uncertainty. 
Yes, adults do go through those moments at some point in the mid of life. And it has nothing to do with paying bills or being a mom or wife. Those things have to be done on a daily.

As a matter of fact, I can tell you right now, what has to be paid on a weekly and monthly basis. And I never forget who has a dentist appointment or a school meeting I need to attend. 

As I age, I am discovering there is so much more to life than those daily survival things.

Image: Woman on balcony talking about what she hates about getting old and life in the middle. Good read with tips and real experiences. Seen first on Bits and Babbles
 Those things that most women my age never talk about, those things we all need to discuss that women of a certain age keep secret.

I know the word hate is a strong word but its a metaphor for the things that I need to express at this moment.

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So, here we go with real talk about the things we all may or may not want to talk about at some point in life. 
  • Time: When I was twenty-something, I felt as though I had a lot of years ahead. When I hit the dirty thirty, I still wasn't thinking about aging. By the time I made it to my mid-forties then it had caught me like a deer in headlights I am officially over the hill in my life. So, if I could turn back anything, it would be time. Although I hate I've lost a lot of time, I am still aware I have more time to do and accomplish things in my later years.
  • The internet: I can not keep up with the changes that are happening every day on the world wide web. Soon as I learn one something its a new thing out or coming out. I can not tell you the older people I know that do not know how to use the interweb. And it is scary because the web is a new age and I do not see it going anywhere anytime soon. Lately, I have been teaching myself  how to use Facebook, Instagram, oh, and Twitter, with the help of my girls. Subsequently, they have mastered every single thing that has hit the internet. Besides social media, elementary school, high school, and college work require knowing how to use a computer. I may hate this part of life, but it is necessary, and I must stay on top of my game as my hipster children will say.
  • Worrying: Oh, this is my fault, and I am taking responsibility for my actions right now :). I worry about everything small or significant. Honestly, I am an over-thinker. Things have to be done right now, and my way or I don't do it. 
  • Over Plan: I hate to admit this one. I am always afraid I will forget something, or I may not have something lined up correctly. So, I will waste time and money overdoing things.
  • Rediscovering life: I am afraid to rediscover the new parts of aging. What I did back in the day can no longer be apart of my aging process. It is time to discover new things and enjoy where I am at this moment in time.
Image: Old house on Bits and Babbles. Where woman talking about her fear of getting old with the desire to help other women who may be going through the same thing.
  • New Adventures: I get up at the same time, go to bed at the exact hour. So, doing or adding a new adventure to my life was never in my plans. When life changed for me, so did my interest in my everyday rituals. To be honest, it long overdue for me to find new hobbies and adventures.
  • Being Alone: It is hard to explain the older I become, the more I love being with my family. I can not imagine life by myself and to be frank, it is scary. 
  • Finding My Place In Life: We all want to have a place of peace, love, and joy, but I have to admit I do not know what I really want to do in life. As older women, we never talk about not knowing what we really want to do with the middle part of life. Like I said before we are more than wives, moms, and caregivers. I would love to experience that place in life where I can say I am genuinely confident in me, so hear me roar.
  • Body Changes: Oh my goodness, one day, I am skinny the next week I am looking and feeling bloated. ( Ok I am a little fat) But who is really watching? Yes, I hate this part of my life where I need prunes to poop and vitamins for healthy bones and health. I did not see this one coming at all in life. But I am working on my body and inner pipes to keep things running smoothly. It is hard if I can admit that. 
  • Empty Nester: Although my kids still live at home. I am afraid of what will happen to me when they leave. Seriously most women never talk about this. The fear of letting go and knowing life will be OK. Most women I know had a hard time dealing with being in an empty house to having the feeling of an empty heart. They are different, but they both feel scary.
  • Always Thinking About The Future: I am training my girls to plan for their future. While I worry about mine on a regular. If you are wondering, it is not about money or making a will as I stated before. I think about being halfway through life. There it is I said it, being at the halfway point of life is one thing I hate about aging. Sometimes I burst out crying because I am over the hill and have no one to share my feelings with besides family. I wonder if there anyone out on the web who understands my feelings. 

In Conclusion: I know getting old has to come, but I wanted to share the raw and real feelings that most women never get to express. I want to talk about it more and share the truth that is scary being in the middle of life. But, on the other hand, I would not go back to being a kid for nothing in this world. And although I getting older, it is Ok, and I know talking about it is therapeutic for me and helpful to others. Who may be feeling the same but have no one to share it with. 

What do you think about when it comes to aging?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

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  1. Honestly it's refreshing to see you being honest about aging. There are so many things in life that doesn't have a blueprint and we are all learning as we go! Thanks for sharing those feelings and being honest!

    1. Thank you for reading and encouraging also!
      xo tangie

  2. Aging is a way of life and it has to be done! But, I must say your are one Sassy Mama!! You truly have been an inspiration

    1. Thank you and thanks for the sassy mama smile you just gave me. Have a great week!

      xo tangie


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