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Spooky Dates: New Shoes And A Witch's Brew

Image: Starbucks Witch's Brew Halloween Drink Weekend Bits And Favorites

Happy Wednesday or shall I say Happy Spooky Halloween? Either way, I hope you guys are having a blast in the middle of a work week? For the last few weeks, I've been in charge of getting everyone ready for trick or treat even my husband. Yes, he dressed up for work as an angel. Let's say it was a bit funny because most of his co-workers assumed he was Moses from the bible. Nonetheless, I enjoyed all the laughter this week.
I've also had a chance to get a little spooked myself by going 
to the movies with my friend and our kiddos to see Goose Bumps 2. Yes, I sat through slappy the puppet and all his mischevious madness. If you have not seen Goose Bumps 1, please check that one first. It is a really cool and funny family movie. 
Image: Slappythe puppet  From The Movie Goose Bumps 2: Woman takes family to see the new goose bumps movie by R.L Stine for Halloween.: Weekend bits and favorites

I am an R.L Stine fan to a certain point from back in the day. His movies are always suspenseful and a bit creepy. Also, the books used to grab all my attention. Who else is a Goose Bump fan?
Image Popcorn machine at movie theater: Family enjoys watching new goosebumps movies for halloween also adds their own review by tangie bell weekend bits and favorites
I knew with everyone having school and working this week it was best to figure out a good time to hang out and catch up one movie for the Halloween week. 
My thoughts on Goose Bumps 2: Slappy came back to life, and he wanted a new momma. So he brought Halloween to life and terrorized the community. It was absolutely amazing!

I do not want to spoil it, but it was a funny laugh out loud mess. It was not too much for a family to watch and that is only my opinion. And that is about as scary as I will be getting on this week. 
On Wednesday we will be cooking our usual tacos and having home movies surrounded by junk food galore. Because we did trunk or treat on Sunday after church and for that reason, I will be nestled in my bed for the evening with my porch light turned all the way down.:) 

What will you guys be doing for Halloween this year?

Image: Family tries the new Starbucks Witch's Brew Drink
Also, I couldn't resist trying another one of Starbuck's crazy drinks. Yes, I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried their new Witch's Brew drink.

Image: Woman gives review and thoughts on Starbucks Witch's Brew Drink that rolled out for Halloween

Let's say it is an acquired taste and one I wasn't ready for all the different flavors and textures that were in the witch drink. The drink has chia seeds and taste like an orange creamsicle. Would I try the witch brew again maybe not? But next time I will stay with my usual caramel macchiato frappe with extra whip cream.

Moving forward, my family spent their money on costumes, but I spent mine on a new pair of shoes. 
Side Note: $20 can buy a cute trick or treat outfit because I budget and shop the sales aisle. Why not Halloween only last a day or two. :)

But, of course, I couldn't see my money going to a pair of bunny ears or cat whiskers. I guess that makes me a trickster and party pooper. 
Image: Woman tries on new shoes from the sales rack at Catos Fashion
I made an excellent shoe score all while enjoying my time trying on new shoes at Catos fashion.

Image: Woman tries on booties for the fall season
I have had my eyes set on getting all my fall booties when they go on clearance, and I hit the jackpot this week when I found the perfect pair. But, yall know I had to try on at least thirteen pairs and styles on that day.
Image: Woman tries on booties from Catos clearance rack for the fall season
I love booties because I like to pair them with leggings and oversized dress or long off the shoulder T-shirt dress.

Image: Brown Open Toed Shoes. Woman finds the perfect pair at Catos Fashion shoe department. Would you wear these?

Image: Brown Open Toed Shoes. Woman finds the perfect pair at Catos Fashion shoe department. Would you wear these?

Image: Brown Open Toed Shoes. Woman finds the perfect pair at Catos Fashion shoe department. Would you wear these?

After many tries, I found the perfect pair of shoes off the clearance rack. They were a brown open toed lace up almost look like the black ones I just tossed out because the heels were a bit ran over. 
So, I think I spent my little Halloween money wisely, and I am pleased with my new purchase. I will be ordering the black ones offline soon.

Do you like the shoes I've picked out? How would you style them?

What will you guys be doing this week?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!
xo Tangie

Side Tip: You are never too old to have a little spooky fun:)


  1. Halloween for me this year was very relaxed and chill. The family didn't want to do anything bit sit around and watch scary movies all day ! So, that is what we did and we also bought a boat load of junk food. Hope you enjoyed your family festivities


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