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Surviving A Chaotic Week: Morning Babbles

Image: Family Packing Living Room Space #morningbabbles
Surviving A Chaotic Week: Morning Babbles
Oh, how I wish every day were like being in the movies.  If I could choose, I would be Dorothy from the Wizard Of Oz. And I would want my day to start bright and early skipping down the yellow brick road in La La land while showing off my ruby red slippers. 

Trying A New Clean Skincare Regimen: 5 Hydrating and Moisturizing Things

Image: Witch Hazel Toner, Laroche Posay Hydrating Cleanse, Basis Sentive Beauty Bar

Oh, baby, it's cold outside, and my skin is really taking a winter beating. So, I've decided to try 5 new clean products, and I was wondering if any of you have tried any of the new fab five facial products I am about to embark upon? #help

Thrift Shop With Me: Handbags, Home Decor Inspiration + The Ugly Outfit I Wore

Woman looking in mirror holding handbag at The Salvation Army
Day In The Life
The funniest thing happened the other day. I decided I needed a little style inspiration with a bit of decor change around our place. But with Christmas decorations on every shelf, I knew my regular stores such as Home Goods and TJMAX was a no go for me.

My Unpopular Opinions On Doing More Self Care: For Mature Women

Items On Board To Start A Do More List: FRom my crazy forty-something life. Items Include paper, camera, plant ,pen
Midlife Notes:
Who wants more out of life, and it doesn't have to be anything significantly big or exaggerate?  Maybe more of the simple things that we all need to be happier and filled with the daily joys of life. I know I want more out of my everyday lifestyle, and it's not about going to Disney Land, although that would be nice to do for the upcoming holidays.
But making a list and starting now is a lot simpler than meeting Mickey Mouse. :} So grab a pen and join me on Doing More, you may be surprised at my crazy list of findings.