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Surviving A Chaotic Week: Morning Babbles

Image: Family Packing Living Room Space #morningbabbles
Surviving A Chaotic Week: Morning Babbles
Oh, how I wish every day were like being in the movies.  If I could choose, I would be Dorothy from the Wizard Of Oz. And I would want my day to start bright and early skipping down the yellow brick road in La La land while showing off my ruby red slippers. 

The funny thing is life is just not that one-sided at all. But neither is it crooked all the time either. So, when bumps in the road happen, we all have to find a new route in life to take. 

That is where I have been the last few weeks, having to rearrange and readjust my daily lifestyle. And believe me, it has been a doozy. Thank goodness it didn't break me.
 Honestly, I was shaking up a few times but when I think about how I am still here on earth breathing, walking and talking I have chosen to be more thankful at the moment.

I know my complaining needed to take a back seat because I had things to do and quick decisions to make.
Image: Boxes, Plants packed to move to new apartment

Moving In The Mist Of The Holidays

  Oh my goodness my husband tried to warn me, but I wouldn't listen. So, here's the deal it was time to renew our lease but after five years of living in this space, it was time to move.

Since moving to Texas, we learned quickly not to be moving unless you have too. That is just the reality of life. But anywho we could have waited until February or March, but we chose the buy out to move now.

First of all, I had to cancel one event that ran on the week of packing. Not to mention I have one daughter who will be graduating on the 14th of December and we have been planning for that. Now let's add on work, trying to pack up our place 
Oh and let's add on transferring bills, schools and not to mention the weather has been rainy and cold lately. 
My hubs work long hours, and I am the only one who can maneuver my schedule between hair clients.
So, I thought I had this moving in November thing in the bag. Meaning I was ready we can do this team type attitude.

Image: Fireplace, Vase packed for movers

In my defense, it's been a while since we've moved and I can admit I didn't think this one though. Honestly, we should have waited until all the girls got out of school for the summer.

But, it didn't work out that way, so I had to replan a few things, and it took me weeks to get back on track. 

Here is what I did to get my life and my family back in the swing of living life. 
Every day I cooked dinner and trust me I was tired. I packed late at night quietly while they slept. 
I stopped trying to find movers and transfer bills online. A few clients showed me how to do everything in a bundle with the local movers and transfer all bills online. So, I would be up extremely late at night because by day work and commuting my family was a top priority. 

It was so much easier that way, and I wish the computer method were around when I was younger. :)

Anywho I had to learn quickly how to work smarter not harder, and that showed me I am never too old to learn something new. :)
Yep, I will admit it the simplest thing can be a nuisance without a solid plan.

 We could never keep the house organized because we all kept going in the boxes and pulling out stuff. Yall it was a mess. But on the other hand, I was able to see where I needed to get my house in order.

I thought I was over hoarding things in my life just to discover I was not and I realized my girls have the same problem,

You will not believe the stuff we have accumulated over the years that were from 2016 and earlier. I am almost embarrassed to say it, but I found old keys, paperwork, and piles of old receipts from the grocery store.

I spent two weeks cleaning out my closet just to move clothes to the trash bag then find a reason to keep it.
By the time I made it to the kitchen to pack I had found old can goods and tea bags. What!

Let me gather my thoughts because all this stuff really did happen. Did I mention we spent Thanksgiving packing and cleaning the entire apartment?

I was overwhelmed by the reality of life, but I kept going even when I wanted to cry.

I did manage to find a small window to do a little bit of  Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping.
Image: Leopard Madden Girl Shoes From Buckles

Image: Brown Booties from Cato Fashions

I have been building my shoe collection game up. So, I knew I only wanted to shop at my two favorite shoe stores, and that is Cato Fashion and Buckles. I've been in search of a good pair of leopard booties for a year, and I coped a nice pair from Buckles on sale. Also, I got a two-tone faux leather brown bootie, and that was it.
 There were sales all around but I made myself a simple list, and I stuck to it. When I found what I wanted I was done shopping. Besides all the stores were jammed packed with people looking for the next best deal. So, to avoid the chaos I went strictly by my list so I could walk in and out of the shopping madness.

Image: little girl named Moriah Bell ready to start school after moving

I am forever amazed at how children can adjust to any situation that occurs in their tiny little lives. And as a parent, I am learning to have a child-like mentality. In other words, don't sweat the small stuff and life will be ok. LOL :)
I thought it would be a burden on changing the girl's schools in the midst of year's end. But surprisingly they are happy and have patiently awaiting our move.

Although we have been living out of boxes, it has been a joy realizing my girls are not moved by our life's chaos.

Quite frankly they have been juggling school, work and help clean up on the daily. My lesson in the midst of it all is learning to balance and adjust when needed. It's funny when I stopped doing everything and went out for a little air and shoe shopping I felt so much better.

Image: Empty House Tour

At the end of the day, I survived a week of chaos in my life. Yes, we have finally cleared out our old place of living. And by now we should all be back and settled into our daily routines. Last but not least after we moved everything out I was able to see our empty apartment and tears came gushing in my eyes. 
I felt over joy with lots of memories filled with laughter and raising my kids in this little space. But after five years it was time to turn the lights out. It was bittersweet, but in the midst of it all I made it through, and now I hope I am somewhere propped up waiting for someone to unpack all these boxes. Yes, this was a chaotic week but I made it, and that is what counts the most. :)

I pray you guys have had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday with family, food and lots of fun?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. That sounds like a hectic weekend, I hope all is well! That is a blessing that you were able to get through all of that! Congratulations

    1. Yes, we are settled for the moment:)
      xo tangie

  2. Pheww sounds like a hustle that you guys managed to move so swiftly im glad it turned out good for you guys 💕


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