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Thrift Shop With Me: Handbags, Home Decor Inspiration + The Ugly Outfit I Wore

Woman looking in mirror holding handbag at The Salvation Army
Day In The Life
The funniest thing happened the other day. I decided I needed a little style inspiration with a bit of decor change around our place. But with Christmas decorations on every shelf, I knew my regular stores such as Home Goods and TJMAX was a no go for me.
I wanted something old mixed with a little new of this and that type of stuff. Also, I tried to find a newish gently used handbag, and I knew the thrift store or strolling the second-hand aisles was going to be the place for my new ideas to flow. I am the type of person when the urge to shop hits me. I have to get moving because I am afraid I will miss something.
Usually, when I need to shampoo my hair, I never go anywhere on my bad hair days. But, I felt I was going to miss something if I didn't get up and dress for my thrifty adventures.
Woman sitting on bench holding a coffee and sharing outfit details

Woman showing outfit details white pants, black and white converse tennis and Zara handbag
So, ultimately, I did what any other working woman with one day off would do. I grabbed my polka dot headscarf and tied my short blonde hair down, put on my old H&M white pants from the summer, and paired with my faux leather jacket and my converse tennis. I usually never carry a purse, but for some reason, I grabbed my black Zara shopping bag because it is very lightweight, and I did not want to carry around a big heavy handbag.
Yep, I did look in the mirror at myself, and yes I felt I looked a little ridiculous, but I didn't care I felt cute and comfy. Would you wear this outfit either in your past or your future life? :)

Moving forward, First, I had to grab a Dunkin frozen hot chocolate on my way to the thrift stores, and it was so good. It is a must-try with whip cream on top and caramel drizzle. I just had to toss that in for you guys who may want to try a new drink other than coffee. 
Mannequin dressed at the Salvation Army Second hand store
After going to three different second-hand stores, from goodwill, the salvation army, and the ones at the corner of my home. I finally found the inspiration I was looking for. 
Woman holding yellow purse at the thrift store

Please excuse me while I play with all the purses I saw from plain labels to Dooney and Burke, and I even laid my eyes on a few gentle, used Steve Madden Handbags. 

Thrift store handbag at the Salvation Army
 It was absolutely amazing, and I went through every inch of each store. 
Woman trying on shoes at the Salvation Thrift store
Of course, I saw a few things that I knew I would never wear, such as 6-inch stilettos. But, hey back when I was 20 and 40lbs lighter, I would wear a pair to work, church, and school. LOL, those were the good old days.

Furniture at the thrift store: Salvation Army
Also, we will be moving sooner than later, and I have been on the lookout for gently used lamps and planters. 

SideNote: Second-hand stores get a lot of new furniture and clothing from top named stores. Look for unopen pieces and chairs that are still wrapped in plastic. Also, I find the best handbags that are new, and I love it.
Jewelry at Salvation Army Thrift Store
Today, I saw new dinette table sets and living room sectionals. Luckily I do not need one at this moment. 

Jewelry At Salvation Army Thrift Store

I also rummaged through the jewelry section, and I can't believe how far the thrift stores have come.  
When I was younger, I hated going thrifting with my mom because I thought it was uncool. Now it is the best thing ever, and I really do go to find my inspiration for new decorations, clothes, and whatnots.

I spent the whole day shopping just to end up with a Madden Girl black and gold handbag that I got for 8 bucks.

Handbag at the Salvation Army Thrift Store

I will be styling it with a few of my winter outfits, so stay tuned for that. 

There you have it a day thrifting with me. I may go back and get a few of the jeans I saw on the rack, but I didn't have time to try them on. Also, I was amazed at the inspiration I got from the decor section, and I will be incorporating those ideas into my new stuff at home.
Another Sidenote: The thrift store is the best place to find thick boyfriend jeans at a low discounted price. My next visit will be for jeans only, but I will be waiting for the half-off day to happen.

What do you wear and buy when you thrift shop?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. You found some pretty good finds! But, I just wanna know who gave away that Beautiful Dooney and Burke bag lol ???

  2. I love to wear a light and flowy dress for thrifting! I feel like I can move faster in cooler outfits! I normally like to go for the skirts and jeans but this time I bought a cute pair of shoes and I loved them!

  3. I haven’t been thrifting in years! But I was never so fortunate to find designer goods. Maybe they weren’t at the stores I went to or maybe someone else bought them up before I could get there.

    1. Good morning Alice:) I know thrift shopping has changed a lot. When I was younger I hated going. But now girl you can find some good stuff. You should try it. I would love to read your finds. I've been busy but I am back. Sending you hugs from Texas.

  4. Wow your thrift shop game is impressive! So much great stuff you have there
    Congratulations!! Someone loved this post so much they added it to our #blogcrush


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