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I Tried To Eat Healthy For A Month And Here's What Happened

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There are lessons to be learned every day and oh how I am learning new things every second as I continue to live my daily life.

Honestly, a few months back, I started a journey to better eating. But with no intention of giving up my favorite foods. You know those foods that consist of being baked in butter, sugar, and/or fried in grease. Ok, seriously, I am talking about donuts and fried catfish. No, not together but eaten at different times of the week. 
Now on a more serious note, I tried to cut back on those sweet and fried foods for about two weeks. I made a conscious decision to scale back on my bad habit of eating. I even started keeping mental and documented notes. Throughout scaling back, I lost two pounds. 

Image: Coffee and Strawberry Oatmeal . Example of eating healthy
Almost daily, I was grabbing all things healthy such as bananas, yogurt, and oatmeal. 
Image:Yogurt and Banana , Eating Healthy seen first on bits and babbles blog

Not to mention, I was eating fresh fruits day and night. Basically, I was on a roll until my body hit a real burnout.

Image: Watermelon. Eating healthy and documenting it for others on bits and babbles blog
I must add those first two weeks; my bowels were moving normal, and my skin was clear from all the water I was consuming.
Image: Apples, Chicken, String Beans and pineapples on a plate. Example of eating healthy
I cut out all white bread, and for dinner, I had all fruit and veggie plates with braised chicken. Yep, some people may think I was on a roll. And to some degree, I was, and I was happy my body was beginning to feel amazing.
When I got close to that third week, I was feeling antsy, and I felt hungry all the time. I later discovered I had depleted my body of all its sugar, and I was having sugar cravings. 

I was never trying to be on a diet, I was only trying to incorporate better eating. But somewhere along the way, I became obsessed with clean eating, and I cut out too much of the things I really did need. 
Not to mention, I was looking at food as my enemy or some sort of comfort food that made me feel good.

Let's face it eating junk is good even though too much of it can also be a bad thing to do daily.
Image: Chicken and Waffles on a plate. Sharing eating healthy tips and tricks
So, long story short after a month, I fell off the clean eating train. Yep, I hate to admit it, but I stumbled and landed on top of my favorite waffles and chicken with nannas and whip cream. It was that one meal that sent me over the edge. But, I can not lie; it was finger-licking good. 
Image: Two hands holding coffee from a cafe. Seen first on bits and babbles
I've also gone without having much coffee until I went on a friend's date. There I was at a local cafe sipping on a caramel macchiato.  Yes, I know that was wrong, but I was already sitting down and gossiping, so I just went for my favorite sugar drink. By the third week, I had gained back my lost two pounds with an extra three more lbs to add with it. 
Image: Woman eating ice-cream at a parlor
So, it didn't matter to me, and before I knew it, I was grabbing ice-cream and all the fried foods I could get my hands on.

Image: Fried Fish and shrimp. Example of eating healthy and working out

In all fairness, I must say, there is nothing wrong with having sweets and fried foods. I am not against that by any means.
 I am a southern country gal who has been raised on greens, cornbread, and everything fried, but the kitchen sink. So, I understand food and struggle. 

I only wanted to adopt a better way to eat and enjoy food since I am older now.  But as you can see by a few of my pictures, I failed miserably. And as a result, I have been feeling sluggish and tired more. Also, I stopped doing my morning exercise.
So, there you have it all the things that happened to do my first start to a healthy journey of eating and exercising.

Oh, but ain't over yet. I believe in starting over and trying a new way of doing things.

With that being said, trying to eat healthily was actually stressing me out.

And that is being truthful and honest. Also, I noticed things that were happening in my life played a key factor in me not being on track of eating healthy.  Long hours at work and being on my feet was causing me to want more than broiled chicken, cantaloupe, and rice.

Besides, I couldn't snack all day, and that is just my reality. Also, I have been packing, moving, and that forced me to grab fast foods because I was not able to cook and pack fast foods.

As I look back over my plans and schedule, I can see I didn't fail at all.

Life happened, and that is ok. Now I am a little situated, and I am rethinking the way I see and taste the food. Meaning food is not harmful unless I indulge in overeating.

Although I love all things healthy, I now know I can never give up my fried fish, shrimp, and donuts. Am I willing to sacrifice a few pounds for it? Yes, I am. And that is my truth and my real life at this moment.
Since trying this experiment and understanding my role as a wife and mom. I realize I am ok, and it is ok to be ok.

In conclusion, I do have a few alternatives for maintaining a healthy and happy balance. I do not have to give up my comfort foods and the things I love that comes with it. Such as cooking soul food and laughing with family and friends. I enjoy every moment of that.

So, I will continue to pack my lunch 50 percent of the week and make sure I keep eating vegetables and fruits.

Also, I am taking the strain off my workout regimen by walking 10 minutes on the treadmill 4 times a week. To be frank, I was stressing myself out, trying to do cardio and lift weights for 30 minutes. It wasn't long before I gave up and was not doing anything at all.

I've found the right balance and a schedule that works for me, and I am super happy about it.
I know some will disagree, but one thing I've learned on this journey is no two people are alike, and therefore, what works for one person may not work for another.

So, if you are struggling with eating healthy and working out, It is my opinion to do what only you can do.
When we all stop focusing so hard on life, then and only then I know things will change.

Besides, life is just life, and we all can make changes that fit our LIFE!

Leave comments below if you struggle with being a healthy eater and working out?

What can you recommend for me and others to try?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. Now, you know that you wrong for all of those treats lol You are gonna do well with ur DIET!!

  2. I sure can understand the struggle. But I have a few health challenges so I have to keep on top of things. I admit that any kind of chips are my weakness
    I loathe exercise if any kind. So the struggle is real. I've lost nearly 15 pounds thur a real life change that was a positive one for me. So I have to chase down my mojo. I am determined and with God's help I will reach my goals. Best wishes to you and I think you will continue to find ways that work for you

  3. IKR chips are mine also...and I love putting hot sauce on the plain ones. I just add a simple exercise to keep my body moving. Yes God got us...thanks for commenting and good luck on your continued weight loss. Cheers to good health!
    xo tangie


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