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My Current Weekend Bits And Favorites: A Little Of This And That

Image: Candle Haul From Burlington Coat Factory. Listed in Weekend Bits And Favorites
The end of the year is now amongst us. I am super happy about what is to come into 2019. But, first, its the weekend and I have a few new current bits and favorites to share with you guys. If you know anything about me, I love a good bargain, sale, in other words, a good deal on stuff that is for me as a woman. Today's post is all about things I've been watching, and I have finally gotten my hands on a few good things. Trust me when I say this list is the best one yet:)

Image: Candles seen first on Bits and Babbles current weekend bits and favorites
I know its Christmas time, and I should wait for my Santa to deliver but not this year. I have have been wanting to try some new stuff and now is the time. 
 Since I am all settled into our new place, I've been filling our home up with new candles scents from everywhere. I used to be a fan of bath and body works candles now I am a die heart for the strong-smelling ones at Pier 1. But, last week I was in Burlington and I stumbled on a hidden gem. Yes, they have some of the cutest and best smelling candles at half the price.

 So, I had to buy and try two for myself. Oh my goodness I've been amazed at the scent that has come from my new candles. My two new favorite scents are by Haven Street vanilla Bean and Bourbon and Vineyard Hill Naturals Vanilla Bean And Myrth. I've also gotten a few good smelling ones from Ross and TJMAX. These two are hand-poured, and the aroma is stronger than anything I've smelled before. I am sure this is my new favorite place to find good smelling wax and soy candles.
Image: NutriBullet purchased and shared in a haul on weekend bits and favorites. This item will be used for making veggie and fruit smoothies.
Seriously, this has been my year of trying to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. And honestly, I can never get enough down. So, I was floored when I saw WalMart running a sale on their NutriBullet single blender. It was only 49.99, and I grabbed one off the shelf faster than Superman chasing Lois Lane in the sky. 
This will not be going under no tree because I can not wait to start enjoying freshly blended fruit and veggie drinks. As of this morning, this item is still on sale. But I know this one had to make my favorites list.  Oh, and the regular price is way over 100 bucks. 

Image: Clinque Skincare products. Sharing on weekend bits and favorites
Lately, I have been really taking my skincare to another level. So, it is no secret Clinique has made my list of things I am treating my face too. I love their gentle wash and the new moisture surge. Both paired together gives my skin a flawless and smooth feel. Before applying my daily makeup.

Image: Derma E Glow Oil shred in a haul on Weekend Bits and Favorites
I just recently starting using a glowing serum by Aveeno. But, I just added the Derma E radiant face oil to my collection, and I love the way it makes my skin feel at the end of my routine. This is one of my favorite oils at the moment. 

Image: CeraVe moisturizer shared on Weekend Bits and Favorites.

Ok, winter is here although the weatherman says we have a few more days before we can call it official. But, my skin is saying otherwise I've already gone through two weeks of eczema. Yes, I have been an itchy cant sleep hot mess. Seriously I have been keeping my entire body moisturized at the moment with CeraVe along with Dr. prescribed ointments. If I can be honest, there is really no help for eczema. It is indeed a waiting game for it to go away. So, I am always ready for the first part of winter to buy everything that will keep my skin from feeling dry and itchy. I use CerAVe all over my legs, back, arms, face, and neck. When I am dealing with dry skin from eczema, I never use my regular face cleansers. I only use oatmeal soap and lots of creams until it goes away.
Image: Black seed oil purchased from Whole Foods and shared on Weekend Bits And Favorites.
Now I have to share this one. A good friend of mine shared this one natural herb with me. And I am currently in love with it. Black seed oil and I got mine from Whole Foods. It is all-natural 100% pure cold-pressed cumin seed oil. I have only been using a week, but I am feeling a difference in my energy levels, and it is suitable for inflammation. So, I definitely trying more things that are organic and healthy for me as I age. Let me know below if you have been attempting Black Seed Oild before? 
Image Four women celebrating graduation. Shared first on Bits and Babbles Blog in weekend bits and favorites
Last, but not least, I have had another successful year with another daughter graduating college. Kamoriae has done a great job, and I can not be more proud of my girls and their love for education.

Image: A family celebrating a milestone in graduation. Seen first on Bits and Babbles Blog by Tangie Bell

We were able to celebrate with family and friends. Now that was the highlight of my end of the year. In a few weeks, my daughter will be heading back to get her degree in PT Physical Therapy. It was exciting to enjoy, laughs, and good food at Cheesecake Factory while celebrating a milestone with my child. Now that is love, and I hope to have many more with my family and friends.

There you have a few of my current weekend bits and favorites. 

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!
xo Tangie


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    1. Thank you and wishes of happiness to you as well:)
      xo tangie


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