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Winter Holiday Essentials: How I Plan To Dress Stylish And Casual

Image: Christmas Tree With Winter Essentials On Brick. Purse, Scarf, Shades, Handbag
 When it's cold outside, who really wants to dress up? Not to mention family will be visiting from out of town. And for some odd reason, they love to head out and tour the city. Since I am the primary cook and entertainer for Christmas, I can never get dressed as fast as the people who are ready to hit the streets and shop. But, this year, I am suited up and prepared with my holiday essentials that will amp up my casual clothes.  Here are my tips that will surely help any woman look and feel jazzy in a matter of minutes.

Image: Woman siting down holding Purse and Shades. #maturestyle
One thing I know about old man winter it's hard dressing up without wearing layers of clothing. And I personally find it the hardest wearing cute and comfortable shoes when your feet are freezing. Nonetheless, I've come up with what works for me, and I am sure anyone who's reading this will find a small bit of inspiration along the way.

Image: Woman trying on black gloves

The first thing I am obsessed with is a pair of black gloves. I know red, yellow, and blues are in style at the moment. But, when it came to looking sleek and pulled together quickly, I prefer a black pair of gloves.
Image: Woman trying on Scarf
Moving forward, I do love a colorful or abstract winter scarf. But no matter how I try, I can never match myself when its time to get dressed quickly and head out. Don't get me wrong-a good solid print will work such as an orange or yellow. But, honestly a solid black works on the run every time. And I think every woman should have one close by in her closet.

Image: Image woman holding a purse and smiling. Seen first on Bits and Babbles Blog
Moving on, it is no secret I love a cute handbag/purse. And it doesn't matter if it has a name on it or not. Or if it comes from my local store or my favorite secondhand store. I just love myself a cute throw over the shoulder bag. So, it is of no surprise that a black bucket bag would make the list of winter must-haves. 

Image: Woman trying on black shades with purse on side. Seen first on bits and babbles blog #maturestyle

Oh, and I can never leave the house without a pair of shades or my favorite dark glasses. On days when I don't want to wear makeup, I will grab a big pair of my favorite winter sunnies to rock for the day. It is a perfect chick look when you need to get dressed in a hurry, yet look fab for the day.
Image: Woman showing off her outfit details, shoes, handbag, scarf , black shades #maturestyle
A few other things that always make my winter dress up the flow with ease. I always keep several pairs of black leggings and a mix of dark dresses, short, medium, and long. Seriously, I have a lot because it is easier to toss on with any color jacket, and it makes it just as easy for me to keep a sleek and basic look for the day. 

Image: Woman strutting down the street showing off the details of her winter holiday essentials. #maturestyle
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Last but not least, I am not afraid to wear a funky shoe. So, when I wear solids all over my body, I go for the craziness of my shoes. My feet is where I will go with a little more color or style to break up my outfit.

My Thoughts: There are so many ways to dress for the winter, and I love looking at the different ways we as women can pull off our daily looks. But, I know with my busy schedule, I am not always feeling the task of wearing a mix of trends and colors. So, I find it easy to buy solids and build my wardrobe around those items. When I know what I am putting on my body as my stable base, then I can develop my accessories/essentials around that style for the day. 
Don't get me wrong. I have prints, and I will be wearing them, but when I am in a rush. Grabbing my basic colors such as black is a sure-fire way I will be ready for any occasion with my family this holiday season.

There you have my winter essentials for dressing stylish and casual.

What will you be wearing this holiday season?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. You look fabulous 💗 very appropriate and cute for a cozy look

  2. I will be doing the exact same because you can never go wrong w/ BLACK and a pop of color!!

  3. Your style is always on point! You are gonna be looking fly this holiday season


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