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Another 20 Dollar Date Night In Dallas: Seriously Not One Penny Over!

Image: Serious Pizza Place In Dallas Texas. How we date night in Dallas, Texas
How we date night in Dallas, Texas
I am a fan of the saying, everything is bigger in Texas. So, when I have a chance to hit the city, I often make sure I find a place that I can handle when it comes to eating all of my food. When it is all said and eaten, who wants to waste money on a quick date night. It's been a while since I've shared a 20 dollar date night with you guys, so I thought I would share my two favorite places in Dallas today.

Image: Serious Pizza Menu .
Hands down, I am a pizza girl, and I will eat it at noon and midnight. I find pizza is a great comfort and conversation food. So, this was a no-brainer for my husband Rico and me to go and eat for our date. Also, the Cowboys and the New York Giants were playing, so yelling loud with food in your mouth was right up our alley.
Image: Serious Pizza on Racks at place.
 I have to be biased when I say this, but if you travel through Dallas, Texas, please stop by serious pizza in Deep Ellum. Yes, it is bigger than New York and the State Of Texas. Ok, I may be over-exaggerating a bit, but my pizza slice was bigger than my face.
 The menu is large and in charge also. We opted for the slice of pizza because a 30-inch pizza is meant to feed a large family, and I was not about to show off and prove I could eat a pizza bigger than the table we were sitting at in the corner. But hey I may be up for that challenge one day:)
Image: Woman holding large slice of pizza at place in Deep Ellum

Image Man eating serious pizza slice in Dallas Texas

Image: Serious Pizza Slice

Rico and I both ordered a slice, and that was more than enough. Both slices came up to be 12.00, and we got ice water so we could have more room for dessert. Oh, and we left 2 dollars in the tip jar. Seriously, we were full and happy because our team won. Goooooooooooo Cowboys! Now that brings our total to around 14 bucks.
Image:wall decor at serious piazza in Deep Ellum Dallas Texas
The atmosphere is laid back, and that was the feel I wanted to have for a relaxed and loose night. Every inch of the wall decor is rusted, wild, and fun set in a dim toned room. I couldn't have planned for a better evening that was stress-free, fun, and relaxing. 

So, I highly recommend when in Dallas, add serious pizza to one of your places to stop by and try. Also, let me know if you ate it flat or folded it in half :) 

Image: Mild and Cream Sign
Now,  moving on to my favorite part of our date night. Oh, you didn't think the game was my fav, did you? It is dessert, and I frequently eat at this place at least three times a month. I am not kidding at all, and more times are doing the summer. Hands down Milk and Cream will melt in your mouth and your tummy. :)
Image: Woman holding donuts filled with ice cream at Mild and Cream in Dallas Texas
 So, this is another one of my favorites to visit when I want a warm glazed donut filled with homemade ice-cream. I know that sounds cheesy, but it is hard to explain. Milk and Cream is not just a donut; it is soft and chewy with a smooth taste that I recommend trying once.
Image:Woman holding and eating donut filled with ice cream at milk and cream in Dallas Texas

Image: Couple eating donut filled with ice cream at Milk and Cream in Dallas Texas
My only tip is you may want to eat it fast because there is limited seating. So, this treat is meant to grab and go. We have tried our milk and cream other ways, but hands down the donut version always win our hearts over. The price is 6.50. Honestly, it was worth every penny's hands down.

There you have it another successful 20 dollar date night in the city.

Tip: When the hubs and I go out for a little quick alone time. We like to find small things to try without always spending big money. We both believe ready dates are just as important as a big 80 date night. I often plan our 20 dollar date nights by searching our city or using Groupon. I often find a few little-hidden gems that are worth the trip. And the best part is it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. My husband loves when I plan these types of dates because he can never figure out how I do it.

On our way back home, we spend that time talking and laughing, and to me, that is priceless.

There you have it another successful date night in the city!

How do you date night?
Can you do a date for 20 dollars?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

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