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I Tried Fenty And Mac Studio Fix Foundation: Only One Made The Cut

Image: Woman trying on makeup and sharing her point of view on the subjecToday I tried Rhianna Fenty and Mac Studio Fix  Foundation. But the results weren't what I expected, and my experience left me feeling the pressure to take better care of my beauty needs.t.
 Disclaimer: This is my story and my journey to feeling good about beauty and makeup in the middle of life. I am in no way saying a woman is prettier with or without make-up. This conversation is about having an open discussion about aging and finding products that compliment my aging face.

Today I tried Rhianna Fenty and Mac Studio Fix  Foundation. But the results weren't what I expected, and my experience left me feeling the pressure to take better care of my beauty needs.

I noticed my regular makeup wasn't giving me full coverage anymore. It could have been due to my recent breakout from eczema in which I suffered more blotches and discolorations in my face this time. Nonetheless, I decided to clean out my makeup kit and buy a new foundation.

To my surprise, I wasn't able to grab a foundation and go home.  Yes, I went in to pick up my natural color but decided to try it on instead.

The Process: I went into the Mac cosmetics store to buy NC45 Studio Fix. It has a powder to foundation feel, which gives a full-face look without using anything else.

That is great because I am trying to cut out a few steps in my morning makeup routine. When I went into the store, I did mention to the counter assistant my face has been dehydrated and cracking this winter season.
Right before I paid for my purchase, I decided at the last minute to try my makeup on.

 I was shocked because my usual foundation did not look right on my skin. Honestly, it was perfect in texture, but after trying it on, it made my face look dry and dull. 
I took my oldest daughter with, and when she tried on her color, it was beautiful, and it covered her face completely. 
Honestly, I am so glad I tried that makeup on because my skin had changed once again. What worked for me a few months ago did not work at this moment. 

I tried a few other things Mac had to offer, but I wasn't happy because I couldn't get that smooth, creamy texture I was hoping to have.

The Reason: I could still see the darkness around my eyes and the two-tone skin discolorations around my neck and face. So, I came to the conclusion the Mac Studio Fix Foundation was not for me. 
Pros: I have no complaint about the foundation in itself. It is beautiful, and the price runs around 30 dollars. So, it is a high-end product yet affordable. 
It works well without piling on lots of concealers. So, if  I only wanted to wear the powder by itself, it would be beautiful.
Cons: It works better on combination skin. So, I am not a good candidate because I have dry skin in the winter.
Conclusion: Studio Fix was my number one choice, but overall I am glad I tried it on. I now realize my skin is going through changes, and I am trying to understand better what works and doesn't work.

But, I wasn't giving up on finding something new that would conceal and cover. My daughter and I went to Sephora because I've tried Rhianna Fenty before, but it was a little dark on me. But she has new colors out, and I was open to giving it another try.

Image: Woman testing out the new colors of Fenty Makeup
I was happy to see the many ranges in the color that is on the Fenty line, and I was all smiling.

Image Fenty representative doing a skin test before suggesting makeup color
 The Sephora repressive did the color skin match and boom; we scored the perfect color match for me.
Image: Woman trying three different Fenty colors on face
We tested three shades out and decided upon the #385, which is a great shade for me. I saw instant coverage, and it was flawless. Then I tried out the new under-eye concealer by Fenty; it covered my dark circles instantly. I was almost in tears because it was unbelievable how it camouflaged the scars from my eczema. I also purchased the #385 as my concealer color because I wanted a more even tone. If I wanted to brighten my eyes, I would have chosen a lighter color, but I felt that wasn't necessary because I do not wear a lot of eye makeup.

Pros: Fenty hands down was the best choice for me. It has velvet and light feel that settles down to the full covered matte texture. The concealer is creamy, and it feels incredible on the face. It was unbelievable, and the best part is my face doesn't look or feel dry.
The price runs under 40 dollars, and that is the best part. My purchase was an excellent investment for me and my dry skin.
Cons: I have none at the moment, and that is my honest opinion. I am delighted with the Fenty line at the moment.
In conclusion: I was terrified I wasn't going to find something that would make me feel pretty. My face and body have been going through it this winter season. So, I only wanted to find something that would make me feel good since my face is all clear now.
Image Woman sharing purchase

Image: Woman leaving Sephora with new makeup
Image: Woman smiling and leaving Sephora with new makeup

As I am aging, I am trying to adapt to the changes in my life as my body changes. I wasn't ready for this part, but I am getting prepared and facing all the new changes that are happening with my mind, body, and soul. 
The way I treated myself when I was younger was refreshing in its day. But now I have to invest in myself and my happiness. Although my skin is changing, that doesn't mean I have to let myself go with the changes. I will continue to adjust to the change, but I must invest in the best for myself.

Image:Woman sharing her new Fenty purchase from Sephora...Haul

Just because I am aging doesn't mean I should let myself go. I encourage all women to take care of their skin and invest in the best when possible. This is an open discussion so leave comments if you agree or disagree?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

Have you tried the new Fenty line or Mac Studio Fix Foundation?
Which one is your favorite?

P.S. I will come back with my full makeup look soon. So stay tuned.:)


  1. As a woman, we do have to stay on top of our beauty and skincare routines! This is important for the times where we either choose to go natural or put on makeup when going out! Either way it’s great to have that balance

    1. I agree we do have to stay on top of our beauty routines.
      xo tangie bell

  2. I have not tried the new Fenty line but i knowthay its bomb! I love how they just introduced more shades and now have concealers for each one! I am also a big fan of the Mac studio Fix! I just purschased some this weekend and I can’t wait to floss with it on! Ha! Good makeup sure does make your whole style look fly!


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