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Road Trip Packing: Essentials, Tips + Favorite Must-Haves

Image: Items being packed for a road trip. Night shirt that reads coffee, nap, sparkle repeat. socks and robe.
Have you ever planned a weekend trip but end up packing a week's worth of stuff? Yep, that is pretty much the way I usually pack for a mini visit to see family and friends. But, not this time because I am making a list of things and sticking to it.
 Today, I am sharing my road trip packing essentials, tips and a few of my favorite must-haves.

 In a few days, I will be hitting the highway with the hubs and the fam. So, I will be spending this whole week condensing my own personal things down to stay organized in my suitcase. Keep reading because there is a reason for all the madness centered around my packing adventure.
Let's jump right on into shall we?

First The Essentials
I can never pack only one thing when it comes to my overnight bag. This time I made a quick list that will only consist of two nightshirts I have every style because they are comfortable and easy to sleep in when I am away from home. Oh, and they are only $5.98 at Wal-Mart.
Another packing item I need is my big comfy robe. I will be staying at a hotel with my family, and I can not sit on the sofa without having something big wrapped around my body. 
I have a love-hate relationship with socks, so I prefer sock slippers because they have a shoe like feel at the bottom. They are perfect for walking around on the floor, and my feet stay warm. 
Image: Must haves book, tablet to write on while on the road
Must Haves
I know lots of people who love to have snacks such as chips and candy. But, my must have is to ride in total quietness so I can read a good book or jot down a to-do list in my composition folder.

Image: Must haves for travel on the road, phone charger and computer chargers
I can not leave the house without my camera for pictures, phone and computer charger, and my laptop.
When I am going on a quick road trip, I try to limit the skincare items I take. The reason being something always spill in my bag. So, I will pack my Albolene make-up remover, cotton balls to remove any residue, LaRoche Posay gentle face cleanser, Witch Hazel toner, and my Derma E oil. Ta
Although I try to limit my make-up packing, it never fails I always over pack my makeup bag. Some of the things I like to take with me are a foundation, eye concealer, lashes, blush, glow powder glue and primer.
I will be taking one outfit, two pairs of shoes, one handbag, and my brown jacket. Yes, one outfit styled several ways. That is part of my outfit in which I will show in a later post.

A Few Tips
It may not look like it, but I have a lot of items stuffed in two carryon bags. Since I will be on such a short trip, I tried to focus on things that would allow me to be comfortable and not weighed down.

  1.  I rolled up my clothing tightly and placed together inside my luggage.
  2. Placed my shoes in cloth bags so they wouldn't scratch one another.
  3. I put my makeup and skincare items in two separate small pouches. To prevent leakage from either article, I packed.
  4. My computer, book, and tablet went in the second bag so I could use it while on the road.

In conclusion: I thought it would be fun to share how I pack for my upcoming trip. I am a hoarder who is working very hard at getting my life and things around me organized. I used to pack up a lot of stuff then I will feel overwhelmed when I get to my destination. Now I take only the items I know I need so I can focus more on vacation rather than bringing to many clothes, shoes, etc.

Some people hoard and keep stuff in the house, I buy a lot of things and hang in my closet. But, I am getting better. The way I packed for this trip has shown me being organized even for a mini trip could be less stressful with a little planning.

Honestly, I didn't realize over packing was causing me to have anxiety because I couldn't find anything in my bags when I get to the destination. And every time I returned home, I would have mounds of stuff to unpack which always caused me more of a headache. Now I am fixing things that cause me unnecessary worry; I never paid this small thing in my life any attention.

I also realize when I have panic attacks it is generally due to something that I can't control. Honestly when I sit down and gather my thoughts and plan my minutes and days out, so I can figure out what caused me to become anxious. Most of the time it was something so minor and straightforward only if I would take the time to analyze the situation in a calm manner.
In reality, organizing my trip and luggage was fun and relaxing for me. I hope you were inspired or just enjoyed this mornings post.
There you have it my Road Trip Packing: Essentials, Tips + Favorite Must-Haves
Lastly, life already has its ups and downs so when I am taking a trip down the road I want to have the basics of my life organized so I can spend more time laughing and joking with family.

How do you pack for vacations?
Are you an over packer or do you stuff your luggage with everything you love?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo tangie


  1. Definitely will be taking a few of your tips and tricks!! I have a vacation coming up soon and I will be in need of some guidance, basically LESS IS MORE!!