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Shopping The Clearance Racks For $3 Dresses: Finding My Frugal Wardrobe!

Shopping The Clearance Racks For $3 Dresses: Finding My Frugal Wardrobe!

Honestly, who doesn't love a good clearance rack sale?  Especially those that are 50% off with an additional 10-20 more percent off. I know I do, and when I am budget shopping, I look for deals on clothes, handbags, accessories, and shoes. 

To be fair as a woman, I do not need all those things. But, I figure if I must wear clothes, I might as well shop for frugal and sometimes trendy pieces. 
I no longer use shopping as a way to satisfy my boredness. I prefer to use my time shopping more intentionally to find clothing items that are worth my money and time.

As a hairdresser, most of my clients come dressed for success, and getting their hair done is like getting a complete package.
 In the shop we gossip a lot and buying clothes is a big conversation. 
As women, we want to look good but at an affordable price. Most of the time, I am asked about my style and how I keep it fresh. They mainly ask me about my accessories, but hey, I am always super excited to tell them how I find stuff on sale.

The Store's Secret Is Hiding In Plain Sight
Have you ever entered into a store and went straight for the items that are on the mannequin? Yes, I am guilty of this. I used to buy what I saw online that someone else may have said was cute. 
But it ended up costing me $99 for something that would be on the clearance rack in about two weeks tops.
One of the biggest secrets I've discovered about high end and low-end stores is they all have a spot located in the store that is marked for quick sales. The funny part is they are not trying to hide it at all. 
I know the store's secret. When I go shopping, I go in and look for the racks that are designed for the woman on a budget, which is me. Believe me when I say most all stores have a budget-friendly spot that is meant to make quick sales. Deals are even online at some of my favorite places to shop. For example, I went into Aldo to find a few accessories, earrings, and sunglasses.  I walked in and went straight to the half off the rack and saw just what I wanted and at a discounted price. Its no secret our favorite stores want to make money, and when things don't sell, they mark it way down. Which, in return, makes it affordable for every woman's budget.

Make A-List
I've had to learn everything that's on sale is not for me to purchase. If it doesn't fit my style, then I will not buy it.
 I very rarely wear prints, so buying a lot of clothing with stripes will be a waste of my money and time. I may try my hand at it later on in my style wardrobe, so I am not canceling stripes at all.

But, I will buy all the necessary basics and solid color clothing because it's more manageable for me to style for work and outings. So, no matter which store I go into, I go straight to save your money racks. And if I do not see one, I will ask someone who works in the store. The reason being some stores will have good deals online only. 
Sale Alert
Since shopping more frugal, I have become more conscious of my spending and my style. Earlier this year, I decided to revamp my look by restyling and adding to the basics I find. To be honest, that has been the best decision I could have made for myself. Not to mention, it is fun and relaxing, looking for deals and steals.

This Weeks Deal's
This weekend I stopped at Old Navy because I can find good basics such as blacktops, leggings, and dresses. When I see a good sale on one spot, I will not go to another store. Only because I make a list of the things, I am looking for. So, on this trip, my focus was geared toward black, burgundy, and scarves. When I hit the rack on the wall, the deals were not just endless, they were terrific. So, I piled up my basket with everything dark in my size, yellow, and one flower dress that looks beautiful on.

The Final Purchase/ Haul

I will be doing a style post this week. I purchased a few good pieces that were all under $15. One outfit was as low as $3.95, and that may be the one I will wear with my over the knee boots

Yellow Dress. Flower & Black Dresses Are From Old Navy.

There you have it, another shopping the clearance rack.

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo tangie


  1. That was an amazing way to put it, because often times I go into the store and I see the word SALE and start picking up everything in sight. So, by the time I get home and peak at what I just bought I realize that it was all just an impulse buy and that I shouldn't be buy anything just because its cheap.

    Thank you girl, for those tips and tricks!!

    1. I agree with you and we do it without paying much attention.
      Thanks for commenting
      xo tangie

  2. Wow, you bought some really cute Basics. I might just have to go to OLD NAVY and see what they have in store for me...

    1. Old Navy has good basics. Sometimes I find stuff and sometimes I don't. But I always keep checking. Have fun:)
      xo Tangie

  3. Oh I loveeeeee the clearance rack!!!! Old navy always has the best deals too! I love to wait until a dress is down to $5 and then I’ll buy it!!! It’s the only way to go!

    1. So true ...I look for the sales.
      xo tangie


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