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Accessorizing And Restyling For A Mature Date Out Look: Vintage Inspired

Image: Woman sharing vintage inspired look. By accessorizing and restyling. Vintage Inspired Lookbook

Oh, can I shout and dance because it's the weekend already and I am ready to relax and enjoy every bit of it? Yes, I am one of those people who make plans for the days that come right after signing off on Friday. So, when that day comes, I do not want to use up my time shopping and trying to find something for date night and any other activities I have going on for my two days off. So, today, I will be sharing how I accessorize and restyle one outfit for a mature date outlook.

 I am asked about my outfits a lot, and although I am no fashionista or style expert. I love sharing a bit of inspiration, and you know your girl loves any opportunity to babble about nonimportant things.

Image: Woman showing off how to style earrings. By Tangie Bell Vintage Inspired

Image:Vintage Inspired:  Woman showing how she styles with shades, necklace and earrings
Start The Canvas: When it comes to my jewelry, I say more is better. Girl yes, pile it on for date night who cares. When at work, I always play it safe and laid back. But when going out with my girls or my hubby, I want to rock it all out, and it's ok. 
Note To Yourself: Stop being afraid to wear what you like even when you look a bit weird doing it.
As women, we work hard, and take care of everybody but sometimes put our style and looks on the back burner. As a hairstylist that happens to me a lot, I spend hours making other women look good, and by the time I get to me, I am exhausted. So I love it when I can grab a small pair of earrings that can amp up my style a bit.

I love pearls, fake or real, I prefer fake ones over the real ones any day. (Ya girl gotta stay budget-friendly).
 None the less, I own a dozen pair because I can restyle them to look different with every outfit even if I am wearing the same item every weekend. Also, I never forget to grab a pair of sunglasses, even on a rainy day. 
Shades are another way to accessorize and restyle a look, and I never leave home without grabbing a pair.
 The Restyle: Can you believe I am wearing the same dress I wore to last week's wine party. Yep, I can't even tell because I did a little switcharoo with the way I wore it this week.
Image: Woman showing how to restyle a dress by tying in a knot at the bottom. By Tangie Bell seen first on Bits and Babbles

Image: Vinatge Inspired Look.Woman sharing her date night style for women of a certain age over 40

Last week I wore it along with a pair of leopard booties and a brown jacket. This week for date night, I grabbed the same dress tied it in two knots and put on a black pair of witch style knee-high boots. It was raining, and I opted to be in all black, which happens to be my jam at the moment. 

Image:Vintage Inspired Look-book. Woman holding lunch box purse as an accessory for date night. Vintage style

Image: Woman showing how she styles and accessorizes for date night. A mature style
More Accessories: When it comes to handbags, the funkier, the better, hey, why not go all out?  I didn't have anything I wanted to pair with my dress other than a black and white handbag. But, I remembered I purchased two lunch pals from five below. So, you know what I did? I grabbed an old purse chain and popped it onto my lunchbox and boom I've just created the cutest little purse ever!

Note To Self: Always think outside the box even if it is meant to pack sandwiches inside:)
Image: Woman is showing how to use scarf as a necklace. Polka dot scarf seen on Tangie Bell

Image: Woman sitting on porch showing off date night outfit of the day
Ok More Accessories: Life is boring, so look good when you can. I love using scarves as a staple canvas. A girl can never go wrong with a flirty scarf. Since it was raining, I wore a scarf over my hairstyle, and I owned the night. Scarves are a great staple piece that can make or break an outfit. When paired with an outfit, a woman can look fierce. 

Also, I love to tie them around my wrist to add a little style in place of wearing bracelets. Seriously a scarf of any kind can change the game on a look for date night. Lastly, I am a big fan of using my scarves as a necktie, and it can be used in the place of a necklace as well. Which way would you wear the neck, wrist, or as a head wrap?
Also, let's not forget a cool and vintage pop of orange lipstick. I know red is excellent, but I am testing out my wild side by adding a bloody orange lippie to go along with my vintage-inspired date night. What do you think?

Image Woman and Man (Rico and Tange Bell) enjoying date night and sharing tips on restyling

As a woman of a certain age, I am finding my spark in the way I dress. I have also found it easier for me to accessorize and restyle items I already have in my closet. Who doesn't own a little or long black dress? Because the style options are endless and can spruce up the mature style of any woman, including myself.
 I often make notes to myself, and one thing I have promised myself in 2019 is to take care of me by any means necessary. I am in the business of making women look pretty by doing their hair, so why not put that same push into my own life. Even if I wasn't a stylist, I think I would want to look and feel my best at all times.

Besides, I am not getting any younger, so putting me first has become a priority. 

Note From My Daughters: Mom, you do our hair, and you buy us beautiful clothes. Always do the same for yourself. You inspire us, and we want you to age beautifully as you make so many of us look pretty when leaving the salon. Love your daughters!

WOW! I was in tears because the truth is as women, we make others feel good, so why not put the same energy into ourselves as well right ladies?

Last but not least, taking care of my body includes my looks, that is why I strive to showcase affordable and restyling clothes. My style is not for everybody, and I am ok with that. I only want to inspire women to embrace a new look as they age. Life is short, so when I look and feel my best, it overflows into the world. So, find your style and own it.

Until The Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo tangie

P.S. Remember This Date March 3, 2019 :)

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  1. The way that you styled that outfit was very impressive! I don’t know how you do it but that was awesome!!

  2. That's why personal style is so important! Also, Im just now getting into accessories myself and I am trying to get stylish like you!


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