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Beauty Items I've Currently Tossed Out Of My Life + Building A Better Makeup Kit

Image: Makeup bag with items coming out. Foundation, lipstick, blotting pads , eye shadow, and lipstick

Hello, my name is Tangie, and I am a recovering hoarder. I've shared this story so many times, but it's true. I have a problem tossing out things even if I know it needs to go poof in the wind. You will not believe I purchased new makeup recently, but I have not tossed out the old things that the new stuff came to replace. 
It is excruciating for me to throw my stuff away, but I am making a much-needed sacrifice. Three days ago, I gathered all the items that I need to toss out, and I am working on building a better makeup kit.

Don't worry, I only cried a little bit. I started clearing out makeup, and then I moved to handbags. Since I have so much stuff, I will just be focusing on cosmetics, and I will declutter purses later.

Life is funny, when I was younger, I felt like I could keep eyeshadow and foundations forever. Now I have to check the dates because facial stuff expires within months sometimes no later than a year. Oh boy, that means I need to build myself a better makeup kit and one that I will be using. 

Doing a clear-out has helped me to see I have a lot of things I do not need or use anymore at all. I am choosing to throw my things away because they are not fit to give away. If I have anything unopened and not expired, I will donate to the local women's shelter.
But you can clearly see by the pictures above, and below I need to throw all my stuff away. 

Ok, let's get started. Do you like to look at other people's makeup bins? I do. :)
Image: Makeup on desk

So, I just dumped all of my content out, and I need a makeover. I see why I was having a small face breakout from time to time. I have old and dirty face pads with trash in my makeup kit. 
Before you judge me, I am always in a rush, so when I apply my foundation. I will toss the face pad back into my makeup pouch. Ugh nasty, I know?

So, in this clearout, I am tossing out pads, old eyelash cases along with unused and expired eyeshadow palettes. I never use blotting papers because I like a dewy face, so those have to go also.
Image: Makeup powder, sponges, and lipstick
Lord knows I do not want to toss out my mascara, but it's outdated, so it has to go into the trash.

Image: Make on counter, mascara, foundation loreal, matte lipstick and more
I hate to be messy, but Loreal is no longer my jam at the moment. I've tried the  Fenty foundation, and now I am in love with the Ri Ri. Yes, I know I am a trader, but yall, my makeup looks flawless now, and that is my only reason for switching.

Image: Eyelash adhesive on counter
Can you believe I used this eyelash glue to the last drop? Now it is a sticky mess, and I know it needs to be thrown out the window. I have a good excuse, I keep the bottle just in case I forget which brand I use. 

Image: Eyelash trash on counter
The amount of trash I have in my possession is downright ridiculous. Oh yeah, I keep eyelash packs only for remembering when its time to rebuy. Don't worry, I got rid of those also along with old lipsticks, foundation, and pressed powders. 
Image : Old makeup in ziplock bag. to be tossed out into trash

Image: Old makeup on counter in ziplock bag. Ready to be tossed out into trash
I spent two days orgab=nizing my stuff so I can make more room for new things. I am working on building a better makeup kit with better foundations, lip colors, and more. I am cutting back and buying only the items that fit my life. To be honest, I pick up stuff on sale, but if I am not going to use it, then I am not buying it.

Yes, I have added a few high-end makeup pieces to my kit. I find it looks better on my mature skin, and I am going to invest in better cosmetics to out in my face. 

What I wore on my face when I was younger or even last year is not working at the moment. That's life, and it is a hard pill to swallow at times. But it's the right thing for me to do at this point in my life. And the same with my skincare. For example, Noxema is suitable for my daughters, but I can't use that on my skin. I need grown woman products, and that goes for my makeup also.

So, there you have it, my complete makeup clearout. I hope to stay around as I embark on the new stuff for my aging, mature skin. It is a process, and I am enjoying the ride. 

It felt good tossing out all my stuff, and I have other things I need to let go of. But, hey one day at a time.

What are some beauty items you need to toss out?

What items do you recommend I try or add to the makeup bag?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo tangie


  1. Girrrlll, I just recently decluttered as well but instead of makeup it was with old clothes!!! It is so refreshing to get rid of old things

    1. So true..Im working on clothes as well:) Its never ending:)
      xo tangie


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