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Don't Forget Your Goals

Image: Coffee Sign Where woman sits and share her goals with hopes of inspiring others not to forget their goals for the year.
I'm Not Trying To Be Messy But Girl, Don't Forget Your Goals!

Yesterday I was having a conversation over tea with my friend. Our morning talk was all about setting goals and executing them before we become too old to give a hoot. 
 Earlier this year I did express how I wasn't going to make any resolutions because I was honestly still finishing up last year's list. And I saw no reason to add more to my list just to look like I killed it in life last year. So, I chose to keep working praying and slaying quietly. I can't tell you guys how much pressure I took off of myself by taking life slow and easy. My number one goal this year has been to live more intentional. After almost forty-something years on this earth, I think I may have just learned my most significant lesson of life.

I've discovered I will never be too old to learn new things no matter how simple or hard it may become.

Image: Coffee Shop. A few women sitting and eating cake, drinking tea and coffee sharing their visions and goals. With hope to motivate others.

Last but not least I keep a real journal/note pad so I can jot down small ideas and plans on how I plan to live an ageless lifestyle. I will admit doing things that way has become more therapeutic than striving to complete the end of the year goals. 
I was surprised at how easy it is to just live my life and knock out things that come along the way. I had to get honest with myself and realize there are things both small and big that can take more than 12 months to accomplish. So, in reality, making resolutions was causing me to break them before the second month even came through. 

Now, I workout at my own pace and I do not have to tell people my every move. It feels good to be down a few pounds and even better because I am not eating salads all day every day. It feels even better not to add those small things that can be done without pressure such as working out. I was writing down things that had me burden down instead of just doing it.

Yep, I was making life harder than it needed to be. My conversation with my friend was more fulfilling when we both realized life is not that hard, and if we pump the breaks, we can pencil in more time to start enjoying bits and pieces here and there. 

So, now my journal looks more like this one listed at the bottom. I hope it will inspire you to look at your goals and keep going.

Life Goals: What are your life goals? Do you plan to coast through, go to school or continue working in your field? That may sound a little crazy but its never too late to have new life intentions. It's ok to change routes even if you are over the hill. I have been jotting down things I never stop wanting to do in my life. So, don't forget about your own personal life goals. Go for it!

Prayer Goals: This should have been first. My time alone meditating and praying. At the end of the day, I am learning to sit down and listen to the silence so I can hear a word from God. I am working on my faith to be still and enjoy each moment that comes in life. I can't do anything if I am always in an uproar or bad mental space. When I get up and read my bible or open the app and get a quick word for the day. I feel more at peace to move forward. My prayer time with God is what opened my eyes to realize I was putting a lot of unnecessary pressure on myself in life. New Year New Me goals can sometimes put a lot of stress on people. 

Friend Goals: Oh this one is a good one. In life, a person may only get one good friend. So, if you are a person who has 12 friends, you are blessed. But nonetheless, I have a few myself and lately, I am always so busy. Recently, I've been making more time for a quick cup of coffee or wine. No, I can't hang with my girls all the time but when I do we laugh, cry and cut loose. So, I unintentionally have been making times to nurture those that also cry, laugh and hang with me.

Helping Others: I do not know how I became so busy I didn't have much time to help others. I know my struggle from back in the day, and I promised I would never stop giving back to help other women. Serving others is not a goal, that is something I should be doing anyways in life. It can be in small forms, taking clothes and can goods to a shelter or to a family member. These are little things that I've been incorporating in life, and I am feeling better about things around me.

Last but not least life is about living and enjoying the moment. Last week I received a text from someone that said "Hey Sis Have A Happy Wednesday."

Of course, I was at work, but when I read it I started smiling, and it made me feel good. So, I started sending texts to other people saying something I wanted to say. In less than five minutes my phone started going haywire.

Because her text was a chain effect, it caused all of us to send nice happy emojis to one another. Some people I haven't talked to in weeks and that is ok.
But it's not ok for me not to check on them. One text from one person changed lives for the week. Yes, that was small, but it was a big thing for me to know someone was thinking about me and not talking about me.

In conclusion: I am not perfect, and I am not even striving for perfection. My goals are to learn how to be the best version I am supposed to be. If I can continue that type of attitude, all the other things in life will pan out. But if it doesn't, I am ok with being ok.

Although we are all into the second month of the year, Don't Forget Your Goals

Hope you guys have a wonderful Monday?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. I loved this post! I didn't set too many goals myself but, I am trying to remember and abide by the ones that I do have!!!

  2. Great Blog Post! Really enjoyed this
    May God continue to Bless you

    1. Thank you so much...May you have a blessed day as well.
      xo tangie


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