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Oh Hey Monday: This Is How I Plan To Kick Your Oz Today

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 Oh hey Monday: This is how I plan to kick your Oz on Today. It's been a minute since I've not done my morning babbles in a while  I thought I would jump right on in with a bit of motivation.

Do you hate the first day of the week? Well I know I used to dread that day that comes right after Sunday until I came up with a no brainer plan.
Yes, I realized I didn't need a brain to conquer my life on the daily because it is merely setting boundaries and sticking to it. Duh, what took me so long to catch that?

 So, let's jump right on into this post, shall we? Ok, I hate to admit this, but up until a few years ago, I was a disorganized person. You know that person that never plans their days or minutes out and then get overwhelmed when a problem arises, yeah that was me.

 Not joking but I felt it was easier for me to juggle my life even in the midst of chaos. But I realize that is what a child would do not have a plan or schedule. As an adult and an older woman, I should be executing my day and time wisely even if only for pure sanity. 
With so much going on in the world and our personal lives, it's hard to plan out the perfect schedule that will run smooth as butter. 

Image: Pie , flowers and sunglasses on table. Woman sharing her morning babbles on bits and babbles blog written by Tangie Bell

But with a little planning and finding a new route or outlook on life, we can kick Monday to Monday's Oz every week.

Disclaimer: I am no Doctor, but I am an expert at real hard knock life living in the past. Over the years I have had a few (ok a bunch of crazy life experiences). So, that makes me a self-made expert I guess?
Please take my advice with a grain of salt (old folk talk) in my granny voice. :)
But remember I've worn the shirt of tears and sadness and over the years I've been able to burn it. 

Ok, here we go this time for real.

Preplan & Organize: Monday's are my busiest days of the week, trust me the hustle is real. On Sunday's no matter how tired I may be I set out my clothes and my smallest daughters clothes. Prepack our lunch so it can save time in the morning. That was a primary key in my life, and it saves me 45 minutes of wasted time every day when I am not trying to pair outfits and pack food before we leave. Not being organized is the first step to messing up a week. So ya girl is on it now and yes I miss the mark sometimes. 

Find Your Triggers In The A.M: I know I hate to feel rushed and behind so why hit the snooze button for that extra sleep. In reality, there is no extra sleep in the morning; I am awake with my eyes closed. What I am about to say may sound lame, but I have to go ahead, get up stretch and sit on the side of my bed. Sometimes I sit for five minutes just looking around at nothing, but hey I am up. The moral of this story is...when the alarm sounds don't hit the snooze button. Allow the sound to trigger your senses to sit straight up and get out of the bed. 

Mediate Or Pray: Whatever Helps You Slay: One thing I have learned is to start my day off slow and easy. Before I brush my teeth or hit the button on my coffee pot, I have to say thank you Lord for another day. No matter where a person is in their faith or life taking five minutes to breathe, meditate and pray to calm to the mind body and soul. 
I find it hard to have a kick Oz day when I get up overwhelmed and thinking about last weeks problems or dreading going into work. Yep, meditating help! So find your groove and kill it on the daily. Remember 1,2 or 5 minutes will help.

Drop The Complaints: Oh honey I have so much I want to vent about on a daily bases. But when I think about where I came from and how I can change my own outcome I have to shut up and sit down. Today is Monday if you are up getting ready for work then you and I have more than the next person who is really living outside on the street corner with no food or family to help. Life is to short, and I've learned over the years complaining does nothing but age you and give your body aches where it is not intended. 

Do Something Nice: When I have extra money I like to bring Krispy Kreme donuts to my fellow co-workers. Give a quick compliment (cute shoes, love your outfit, or tell someone else to have a blessed day). Pass on your Monday joy!

Find Balance: Life is about balance so find what brings your life into a full circle.

Eat One Healthy Meal Or Snack: Ok this is hard, but I find it works for me. I work on my feet all day, so it is easy for me to grab fast food and eat on the go. If I do not pack my food, I try to eat some fruit in between or drink a veggie drink, so I don't feel sluggish before my day ends.

Be There For You: Honey at the end of the day its ok to cheer others on but if you can't be cheerful for yourself then all things happy will fail in life.  It's ok to cheer for yourself, by all means, do so especially if you are always cheering for others. I'm just saying:)
Look in the mirror and motivate yourself, and think happy thoughts. You only get one body, and I am learning every day I must build myself up as well as building up others.

Enjoy The Moment: Ok this Monday may go easy and jolly and tomorrow may suck.
It's ok to have bad days, but it's not ok to stay on a bad day. Life is about adjusting and realigning things to make them work.

In conclusion: This is how I plan to kick my Monday's Oz and all my days in between. Life is short, and I plan to age gracefully by any means necessary. I've learned I am the captain of my ship and I want to live a long healthy and happy life.

Whatever it takes for you to be happy and spread happiness run after those things. Have a blessed day and thank you for visiting.

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!
xo tangie

Become unstoppable in everything that you do:)

How will you kick off this Monday?

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  1. Those were some well needed tips! Keep up the good work, I love your Blog!! God Bless

  2. You are so right. It's time to start my Monday off with a sweet kick!! Thanks

  3. I plan on kicking Monday's Oz by getting some studying in, handling personal business and planning for the week ahead! The early bird always gets the worm!

    1. lol Yes so true. Yes get it all done. ..that bird tho he is always busy!


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