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The Truth About Aging, Rebuilding Confidence And Starting Over: Girl, You Getting Old FAQ

Image: Woman drinking box water sharing her truth about aging, rebuilding confidence and starting over
 The Truth About Aging, Rebuilding Confidence And Starting Over: Girl, You Getting Old FAQ

Oh Boy Oh Boy, this is about to get raw and uncensored. So grab a cuppa tea and few bits to eat.

Image:Box water on bits and babbles blog. Woman holding as she shares her aging story

If I had one penny for the number of times I've been asked about being afraid of getting old, I would be a gazillionaire by now. Ok, that statement may be a bit of exaggeration, but hey, you get the point. Of course, it is mainly asked by my kids and a few conversations I have with my friends in the midst of gossiping about other things.
But, lately, I have been getting a few messages and questions about life past 40. I've discovered some people are plum afraid, and honestly, I am here to tell you why from my own opinion and personal experiences why you shouldn't give flipping care about getting old.

The Truth About Aging: Most people, including myself, think getting old is when we become, grandma, grandpa, or just over the hill of being 40 something. I will never understand why society thinks turning 40 means your old, and you should get prepared for the nearest nursing home.

Although things did change when I became a woman of a certain age, I had to learn quickly to do some tweaking and adjusting so I could get to know and understand the other half of my life better.

To be honest, when I hit the hill part of my life, I realized my life was just getting re-started. I also experienced quickly what I did in my twenties cannot be done in my forties. Things have changed, and I am still learning to change along with it.

The Q&A

How did you adjust to life in your forties? Oh my goodness, this was my favorite question. No one never told me I was going to have to get to know myself all over again.

When I first hit the over the hill mark, I wanted to change everything about myself, my hair, my clothes, shoot even my friends and my place of living. Everything around me became replaceable, and I wanted to do all sorts of crazy bungee jumping things. Although that is ok, no one told me I was physically and mentally going to change.
I was going through a change everything around me phase in my life, and I felt nobody understood.
I soon discovered what I was feeling was normal, and I was and am really ok. Some people go through hot flashes, midlife crisis, but I went through mood changes. It is real, and it is a part of the aging process we need to address and identity.
The Adjustment: I started realigning my life when I realized I was not getting younger. There are no magic pills to living life, no matter what age we are in. I do believe I needed to adjust and tweak things differently in my midlife. I had to accept the fact that I am aging. So what do I want to do with this part of my life?
 Once I realized I wasn't ready to shrivel up and die anytime soon. Then over time, I do good live well attitude started to kick in; you know that feeling of living for a purpose. In other words, I started creating the life I wanted to live. I planned to work on the mental side by finding other things to do with myself besides work, be a mom and wife. Nothing major just a day that I can unwind and relax with maybe a friend or by myself.
No matter what is going on, I am learning every day that I will be readjusting and realigning my life so I can stay in a peaceful and uninterrupted space.

What Is Your Biggest Fear About Aging? I've said this before, and I will repeat it; I am no longer afraid of aging. When I was younger, I wanted to be older, now that I am older, I do not want to go back. To be honest, I was super fearful about aging only because I associated aging with the end of life or retiring to live a boring life.
 But now I realize I am the captain of my ship I can control that feeling of being afraid of the natural phases of aging. 
It really is that simple. Life is too short to live my life afraid of hitting 50, 60 70, and beyond. But if I had a fear, it would be not living in each moment. How do I live in my moments? By focusing on things, I can handle and let go of things that weigh heavy on my heart.

How Do You Find Style? Honey, I have no style, and I am not joking. Life is about having fun, and if you can dress up, by all means, do so. :) I recently hit a style rut and couldn't figure myself out, can you believe I wanted to toss out every piece of clothing I own? Until I realized my personal style is not that serious, just wear what I want to wear. I used to think when I hit my forties that meant I had to dress as if I was the first lady of the White House.

Lol:) I do not feel that way anymore, and I am not going to dress a certain way because I am of a certain age. I love to be carefree and express who I am, and that maybe the creative hairstylist side of me. No matter what the fashion industry says, there are no rules for us everyday working common folk.

Besides, I started paying close attention to fashion online, and in magazines, I discovered each person was successful because they were what they wanted to. Next time pay attention to fast fashion, designers dress weird, and most of them are much older than people realize. Honestly, older people have a cute and funky way of wearing even if its all mixed and matched. I am having fun with dressing up, and I am following no dress code at all. So, I am encouraging anyone who reads this just do you and style it up Boo!

Has your eating habits changed? Yes, they have. I can't tell you the allergies I have been facing in my late forties. Over the last three years, I have been dealing with breakouts from certain foods and eczema from time to time. It has been an absolute challenge to stay away from certain foods, especially those that are my favorites. Although I have not committed to eating all things healthy. I have made small to my lifestyle by adding more fruits, veggies, and water to my daily dose of eating. I've also started taking more vitamins, and I just recently got into black seed oil because it helps with inflammation.
Dealing With Confidence: I had to work on building myself up. It's easy to feel left out and behind on everything in life. By all means, the younger kids just get up and make shit happen. As I am getting older, I am learning to work on my own confidence by doing the same. I wanted to do hair, so I went to beauty school late in life (I was in my late thirties). I wrote a book that failed, so I started a blog. HA! :) You get what I am saying. No matter what happens in your life, do not wait for others to build your confidence up. It will never happen, so look in the mirror and want more for yourself. Build up your own confidence by doing and not asking. :) Yes, it is that easy.

And that is how I started my life over. By not focusing on my failures and how old I am at this moment in time. There are a lot of things I want to do and adventures I want to take. Since I can't actually start my life over. I guess I will start by living it the way God intended happy and free. :) So who's with me?

Last but not least: I am not an expert at nothing in life, but I do know life is worth living and enjoying to the fullest of our abilities. So, grab a bull by the horn and ride off into your own happy place. That is my plan because I am not getting any younger:)

Leave me feedback and comments below? Be blessed by any means necessary.

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!!


  1. Honestly, now that I am aging I feel like I want time to slow down! I know 28 is still very young but I think it’s finally hitting me that my 20’s are almost gone!!! However, I am not afraid of getting older I’m just afraid of losing time! I don’t let that hinder me through because life is too short to be stressed about things that are out of my control!

  2. I agree 100% And I am not about loosing any more time. Thank you...have a blessed day:)
    xo tangie


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