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A Few Sunday Bits: Starting New Habits Effective Immediately

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A Few Sunday Bits: Starting New Habits Effective Immediately

Oh hey, Darlings, it's Sunday. You know that day that we all love that comes before blue Monday. Yeah, that one. 
As I sit here after church planning my week, I ran across a few things that sparked my attention and provoked my thoughts. And I figured I would share them with you guys on this morning.

  • Yesterday I Saw A Quote: Get In The Habit Of Asking Yourself: Does This Support The Life I'm Trying To Live.
Oh, boy did that resonate with my soul.

Question: Are you protecting your visions and dreams?

The hardest lesson I have ever had to learn is moving things and people who do not align up with the life I am trying to live. When I decided to change my life and do better for myself, I was younger, and I didn't realize those that were in my inner circle may not except my new way of thinking and living.

Side Note: When you have to move people to the back of your life it doesn't mean they are bad people. It only means yall are on two different pages at the moment.
My light bulb moment may not happen when yours happens.

So, if something does not support the life, you are trying to live. Make some changes because  its time for increase and elevation in life.

Here's what I put in my journal:
  • Starting A New Happy Schedule: Create A Happy Journal. Things happen in life, but I am starting a new habit of just saying to myself and others. Happy Sunday, Happy Monday, Happy Tuesday, Happy Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Then Repeat. #positiveenergy
  • Present In The Moment: Being In the moment is so vital to our true happiness. With I-Phones and social media at the palm of our hands. I used to post everything and say everything online. But now I have pictures of fun things and outings with my family we only share amongst ourselves. The other night we all sat around the dinner table looking at old family pictures. We laughed for hours at one another. After two hours I realized no one was on their phones are laptops. We even watched a Winnie The Pooh movie unbothered. LOL, I was happy because I had no urge to post one bit. Besides, I have been slowly removing my babies offline, because of the breach and the real-life perverts who sit around and only want to watch  But that is another day of babbling. Sidenote: A lot of the websites are getting it under control. 
  • Planning A Peace Day: Anyone who knows me knows I will take a day of peace. That means I will take a whole day to recharge myself, mentally, and spiritually. You know so I can release peaceful energy to those that are around me. When My peace cup is full, then I am ready for the world. So, I encourage you to find one day and do whatever brings you the most peace on that day.
You know life is funny sometimes. We are all so busy and trying to do so many things that it becomes easy to neglect the simple things in life. You know those things that bring pure joy, love and wealth. I realize most of the time I am in control of how I feel and react to the things that can alter my energy. 

Last but not least, whatever is not supporting the lifestyle you want to live, quietly move it to the back burner. Yes, it is that simple. :)
Starting new habits is easy as 1,2,3. 

Do you have any new habits you want to share?

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

P.S. I am officially three days away from a new journey. Stay Tuned!

Outfit Deets: Dress and Top: SheIn
Earrings: Urban Outfitters
Shades: Target
Purse: G by Guess
Bracelets: DIY
Watch: Hobby Lobby


  1. One habit that I have been doing lately is making sure I am eating three full meals a day! I also have been making sure I get plenty of sleep as well! I am not #teamnosleep and I love a good nap! Ha!

  2. Same I feel the same way; it is very important to take time for yourself. We often times spread ourselves thin to where we don't have enough time in the day for us!! Staying active and motivated is a KEY....


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