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Funky Friday DIY: Safety Pin Earring Tutorial

Image: How to make earrings on Funky Friday DIY
Welcome to Funky Friday DIY. Let's make 4 safety pin earring sets. Sometimes I have an idea, and I have to jump up and get it done immediately. Yes, I am one of those women who love to make stuff on a whim. But, never fear I can assure you this new project is so easy, even a blind bird can make this creative masterpiece.

Image:Woman hand showing how to make safety pin earrings. Charms, beads . Tangie Bell written on Bits and Babbles blog. Funky Friday DIY

Did you know making jewelry is all about self-expression? There are no rules to making one of a kind pieces of art. So, let's jump into this one. I've implemented a video down below so you can see a step by step guide. Be prepared to be amazed at how many ways I was able to jazz up my little safety pin stash.,

Image: Tangie Bell showing step by step how to make safety pin DIY's that are wearable . Funky Friday DIY Series

There is a; so a bonus pair at the end of the video. 
 I have a rocker pair, vintage, style, eclectic and a nontraditional style with a boho twist.
Image: Woman is showing off her DIY safety pin earrings as inspiration. Seen first on Bits and Babbles #funkyfridaydiy
So if you want to see more ways to make these funky fab safety pin earrings then watch the video below on Facebook! Let's make something funky!

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie


  1. Im on my way to check this out!!! I love a good DIY!

  2. Those have got to be best handmade DIY earrings I've ever seen. Super Stylish and Sleek, LOVE LOVE IT!!