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Funky Friday DIY: Safety Pin Earring Tutorial

Image: How to make earrings on Funky Friday DIY
Welcome to Funky Friday DIY. Let's make 4 safety pin earring sets. Sometimes I have an idea, and I have to jump up and get it done immediately. Yes, I am one of those women who love to make stuff on a whim. But, never fear I can assure you this new project is so easy, even a blind bird can create this creative masterpiece.

Image:Woman hand showing how to make safety pin earrings. Charms, beads . Tangie Bell written on Bits and Babbles blog. Funky Friday DIY

Did you know making jewelry is all about self-expression? There are no rules for making one of a kind pieces of art. So, let's jump into this one. I've implemented a video down below so you can see a step by step guide. Be prepared to be amazed at how many ways I was able to jazz up my little safety pin stash.,

Image: Tangie Bell showing step by step how to make safety pin DIY's that are wearable . Funky Friday DIY Series

 I have a rocker pair, vintage, style, eclectic, and a non-traditional style with a boho twist. First, I open the pins, then add beads. A jump ring and an ear hook. Lastly, I will add charms on the end if I am matching it with my current outfit. This is one of my easiest projects to date.
Image: Woman is showing off her DIY safety pin earrings as inspiration. Seen first on Bits and Babbles #funkyfridaydiy
 Let's make something funky!

Simple Steps: Take one safety pin and open it, pile on 4 five-inch beads. Then close the pin and squeeze with a pair of earring pliers. Then add charms at the base (optional)
At the top, add one jump ring and one earring hook before wearing.

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

Would you wear these safety pin earrings?


  1. Im on my way to check this out!!! I love a good DIY!

  2. Those have got to be best handmade DIY earrings I've ever seen. Super Stylish and Sleek, LOVE LOVE IT!!


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