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Living Agelessly: Losing My Face And Neck Fat in 72 Hours

Image: Tangie Bell sharing how she lost face and neck fat in 72 hours. Seen first on Bits and Babbles Blog

 Living Agelessly: Losing My Face And Neck Fat in 72 Hours

One thing I do know is  I am aging, and my body is definitely making its own changes. Some things I was prepared for and some other stuff  I wasn't. For example, I really believed my face, and some of my other body parts would remain flat and small forever.

Seriously, when I was 30, something I could eat any and everything, and my weight stayed the same. When I turned 40, my weight remained the same, and at 41, 42,43,44,45. But, when I turned 46 a few years ago, I started to notice my face was looking chubby and bloated around my neck. 

WOW, that was a major shocker, and that is when I realized I was retaining fluid. Oh my goodness, I was sad about my face because I was beginning to feel old and look slightly aged. 

Although everyone around me says, it is all in my head. So, guess what I started that roller coaster life of dieting and eating rabbit food. Honey chile, that was a complete fail. After going to the Dr. and almost having to see a therapist, yes (don't judge) me. :)

I finally realized I am in another phase of my life, and I need to make a few changes that would fix all this fluid gain I was experiencing. 

You know life is all about learning, and although I am getting older, I am still experiencing new life lessons. So, join me on this journey of living an ageless life. 

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!
xo Tangie