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Trendy Accessories For Older Women + 5 Debunking Myths About Aging : Style Babbles

Image: Handbag, shoes: Woman sharing her trendy style on bits and babbles blog. Seen first Style Babbles
Trendy Accessories For Older Women + 5 Debunking Myths About Aging

When I was younger, I was never afraid to try a crazy style or even wear a pair of big ole' ugly hoops. Although I was young, it was still taboo to dress stylish and wild. In other words, even back in the day, it was hard to have self-expression when it came to dressing up and wearing accessories. It may have been because I am originally from a small town in Louisiana. Don't get me wrong down south women can cut up when it comes to style and wearing the best-looking clothes money can buy. 

I remember on Sundays when all the women and girls wore stockings, hats, candy cane dresses, and shiny black shoes. 
Yep, those were the days when dressing as the first lady of the church was the thing to do. 

Disclaimer: No disrespect to my elders who did groom me and taught me all about style.

When I became a hairstylist, I began to see a whole new side and way women all over the world wanted to wear their hair. Moving to Texas opened my eyes to more self-expressive people. Seriously I came to a new town knowing how to do a bomb press out and roller wrap. The reality was style, fashion, and hair were a bit different in a bigger city.

Image: Woman in dress, sharing handbag and other accessories that look good on older women

But, it didn't take me long to start learning something new, as in cutting short styles, weaving long hair and making it look bigger than Texas. But, I spent a lot of time making other women look their best and had no time to play with my style and hair. So, now I am getting closer to my 50's, and I am ready to take charge and amp up my style finally. 
The funny part about it all is it doesn't take a lot of stuff or things to style up my mature look.
Before I get into debunking a few aging myths, what do you guys think of this week's new trendy pieces I am wearing? Would you wear any of them?

Image: Woman sharing her love and style for trendy accessories that look good on older women
Let's jump right on into trying this style. I am so into wearing black, only because it is easy to style around, and you can buy a few pieces to wear over and over. And I am all in for any clothing items I can restyle. I can't decide if I love the vintage, gothic, or retro look. So, as of late, I've been mixing patterns and textures. Tip: That is how I found my style in my forties by combining and unmatching things. 
I love to mix metals and chains, especially on purses. So, when I saw the bag that is in the picture above, I had to get it. When it comes to trends, I know absolutely nothing at all. I mainly buy something if I like it. 
Also, I have become a big fan of wearing oversized shades. I think a pair of glasses can change the game of any woman's look. It just speaks classy and classic. Oh, and you look expensive even when on a budget.
Image: Woman sharing her trendy style on Bits and Babbles Blog

Image: Woman sharing her earring style on bits and babbles blog: Seen first style babbles

One thing I love is a cute pair of earrings, no matter if they are short, long fringe, or tiny studs. Ear accessories are a game-changer, and I have to have them at all times. 

So, let's do a recap:
No matter what my style is, I always add trendy pieces that will compliment it all. The items most used are Handbag, sunglasses, earrings, and shoes. Those are my tips and basics. When I get those items, then I can build my outfit for the day, week, or even month.

Moving toward my top 5 debunking aging myths

Too Old To Dress Up Myth: First of all, #girlbye Dressing up is a mere expression of self. As I am aging, I am finding myself loving style more and more. I have discovered when I look good, I feel good. 
Being a woman of a certain age doesn't mean I can't dress up or down if I want. It is a myth that woman should look like old grannies because they are over the hill in age. Look my age for who? I am not turning down; I am just getting cranked up. So, if anyone says you are too old, run over their foot with the rolling of your eyes. :)

Time To Settle Down And Act Old Myth: I am learning more about life as I get older. At the age of twenty, I dreamed a lot and done things later. At this age, I think about it and do it. When a woman hits passed 40, I think its time to start living the second part of life. Honey, there is no time to settle down and stop living. 
In other words, there is no time to sit down and fiddle your thumbs. Get to moving and do something that you have always wanted to do. 

Time To Take Care Of The Grandchildren For The Remainder Of Your Life Myth: (insert chuckles here) Ok, who doesn't love their little grandbabies. And I am all here for helping with any babies that come to my front door. But, that is not what getting old is about, being a baby sitter. Ok, I understand keeping the rascals when a child has to work, but every day of the week. Getting old doesn't mean I want to become an unwanted nanny for the remainder of life. I do agree helping with grannies babies is different from them living with you forever. That is the biggest myth, being old and only useful as a babysitter. 

Too Old To Start A New Hobby: Life is to short not to start over when needed. Honey, I've started over so many times until I believe people sit back and watch to see when I am going to fail, stop something or quit. But, that's life; some people fall down and never get back up. Some fall and get back up, looking for the next door of opportunity. So, if you are a woman or man of a certain age, it will never be too late too start something new or get on a new hobby. 

When You Get Passed 50 Start Thing About The After Life Myth: I can assure you thinking about death will not help you if there is no reason such as a terminal illness. And even then, I would want my thought to be pure, happy, and surrounded by positive people. 
I am very aware we all must leave this earth one day, but I also know to be sad and unhappy until the end is no way to live. It is ok to live and be happy with life even when things are not going great. In my opinion, life is compiled of moments, so how do you want to spend those, small-medium, and significant moments in your life.

In conclusion: I am falling in love with life after four decades, and I want to share those babbling thoughts with you guys. Getting older in life is scary, but there is nothing to be afraid of. 

Last, but not least, having a fresh style is not as important as having a life you really want to live.

What are some myths you have heard throughout your life?
Chime in and leave comments

Until Next Time See Ya In A Bit!

xo Tangie

Getting Old Is Priceless


  1. You debunked all of the theories I had against Aging! That was so relieving ;)


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